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  • Inflatable Fishing Boats: How To Find the Right One for You

    by Ringo Ladue May 05, 2022 6 min read

    Inflatable Fishing Boats: How to Find the Right One for You. 3 guys standing up and fishing in an inflatable fishing boat.

    Inflatable Fishing Boats: How To Find the Right One for You

    Are you looking for a more convenient way to fish? Do you like to go on quick, evening fishing trips where you need to be efficient with your time? Do you like to camp and fish and need an effective but portable fishing boat?

    If you answered, 'Yes' to any of these questions then we have some great information for you. Please read on so that we can help you find the perfect inflatable fishing boat for your needs!

    Boat sales reached an unprecedented high in 2020 but many shoppers were unaware that there are great inflatable boat options.

    Inflatable fishing boats pack down so they are easy to transport and allow you to utilize storage space in your vehicle. They are easy to deploy and light to carry, making then the most accessible boats on the market.

    Inflatable fishing boats are vastly underrated. These boats can save you thousands of dollars and their high quality will ensure valuable fishing for years.

    Read on to check out some of our best tips for finding the best option for your next outing.

    Reasons to Buy an Inflatable Fishing Boat

    If you've never considered buying an inflatable boat for fishing, you will by the time you finish reading this article. Here are some key reasons why you should opt for an inflatable fishing boat.


    The price of these boats is one of their biggest advantages. The price tag allows people of all financial backgrounds to enjoy an exciting day out on the water.

    The inexpensive price of inflatable fishing boats is ideal for someone who does not fish a lot and will only use them a handful of times.

    You will also save money on gas with these boats. Most users prefer to paddle but you can also add a small electric or gas motor that will use very little fuel.

    You will definitely get your value for money with inflatable boats.


    Storing your inflatable boat when it is not in use is much easier and efficient than with a regular boat. You can deflate your boat and pack it away in a storage closet or even a shelf. From a storage space perspective, inflatable boats get an A++.


    Inflatable boats are popular for their portability. They are compact and lightweight, meaning everyone in the family will be able to lift and transport them.

    You can quickly and easily deflate the boat when taking it on vacations, camping trips, or even extended fishing trips. These boats are easy to transport to the water and easy to store in your car, backpack, or checked bag.

    Many boats come with a hand pump but we recommend purchasing an electric pump for a faster inflation period.


    When it comes to efficiency, inflatable fishing boats are at the top of the list; another A++. You can decide to go fishing on a whim, put your boat in your car or truck, drive to your favorite body of water, and be fishing in no time! This is the reason we love them so much!

    We already talked about how easy they are to store, but it is worth mentioning again that you can store them very efficiently as well. You don't need a place to put a trailer, your boat will fit in a closet or on a shelf!

    How to Find Inflatable Fishing Boats That Suit You

    There are important criteria that you must adhere to when choosing your boat. You want to choose a boat based on its size, passenger capacity, loading capacity, and boat power.

    Inflatable fishing boats are made out of strong elastic PVC material and are made to last. You also have the option to paddle the boat yourself or use a small motor.

    Depending on what you prefer, you can choose a boat that has variability in the height, the shape of the bow, and the type of transom.

    When choosing the best inflatable fishing boat that suits your needs, you must narrow down the aspects that you are looking for.

    1. What Is the Boat Made Out Of?

    Most inflatable boats are made up of synthetic materials that can inflate and expand to provide the boat with buoyancy. Along with PVC, these boats are also made with Hypalon and Polyurethane.

    The latter two materials are heavier and sturdier than PVC. Because they are so durable, however, they are more expensive.

    We recommend buying a PVC inflatable boat to not break the bank, especially if you are a first-time inflatable boat user.

    The PVC material is also heat-treated to slow down the deterioration process.

    2. How Big Do You Need Your Boat?

    What are your needs and how will you be using your boat? Will you be fishing alone, with a friend, or with multiple friends? How much gear will you have with you?

     Whether you need a one person or multi-person inflatable fishing boat there are great options available. The bigger inflatable fishing boats are incredibly stable and will allow multiple passengers to stand up to fish. It will feel just like fishing in a regular fishing boat.

    There are also other options available that are similar to inflatable fishing boats. Single-person kayaks and fishing pontoons are ideal for solo fishing trips because they are lightweight and easy to maneuver in the water.

    Rafts and canoes are a popular option for 2-person excursions and you can even find inflatable boats for fishing for 6 people. This way the whole family can be a part of the fun.

    Even if you are a solo fisherman, you may still want a two-person boat for the extra room for all of your gear.

    If you are fishing with many people, 15-foot dinghies are available for purchase that can carry up to 6 people with gear and have an electric motor to help you get to the fish faster.

    3. What Are the Capacity Ratings?

    Passenger capacity is the number of people your boat can safely carry. It is important not to go over this number for the risk of sinking the boat.

    There is also a max load capacity which is the maximum weight the inflatable boat can safely carry. This includes everything in the boat, people and gear alike.

    It is important to know a boat's capacity ratings before purchasing a vessel to make sure it meets your wants.

    4. How Do You Want the Boat Powered?

    If paddling the boat is absolutely out of the question for you, you should only be looking at motorized inflatable boats. There are major differences in performance and cost for these two types of boats.

    Many boats come with a motor mount today and you have the option to add your own. This is a smart option even if you prefer to paddle. Look at it is an extremely valuable safety option. If you ever need to get to land in a hurry you will still have that option. This could be because of weather, a medical emergency or, just in case you are too tired to paddle after a long day of fishing under the sun.

    Sometimes buying the boat and motor package deal is cheaper than buying each component separately. If you know that you want a motor from the start, consider buying the motor when you purchase the inflatable fishing boat.

    Get Your Inflatable Fishing Boats Today!

    When shopping for inflatable fishing boats, you will have a list of criteria to select from. Narrow down your wants and needs for your boat to pick the best option for you.

    Feel free to contact us with any more questions about inflatable fishing boats, let's talk fishing!

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