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  • 7 Amazing Benefits of a Floating Pond Fountain

    7 Amazing Benefits of a Floating Pond Fountain Blog Photo. A beautiful pond fountain is shown in the middle of the water against a setting sun and pink sky.

    Pond fountains are a beautiful addition to any body of water. Check out these '7 Amazing Benefits of Floating Pond Fountains' and see what they can do for you.

    Do you own or are you the caretaker of property that includes a lake or pond? Are you looking to enhance its appeal and enhance water quality?

    A pond fountain can be a great addition to your body of water. Many floating pond fountains on the market offer versatile features. You can use them as a centerpiece of your landscape or to accent other elements.

    However, fountains do not only serve as visual eye candy. Installing a pond fountain can improve your water quality and the natural habitat for a variety of aquatic plants, fish, and other animal life.

    Not sure if you should invest in a pond fountain as part of your pond aeration system? We can help. Read on to discover how these benefits will maximize the health and beauty of your pond or lake and the surrounding areas. 

    1. Improves Water Quality

    One of the main benefits of getting a floating pond fountain is the improved water quality. Improved water quality comes from the oxygenation process. A floating pond fountain would be best for ponds and shallow lakes.

    By pumping water into the air, not only do you create pleasing visuals to enjoy, it also promotes surface aeration and transfers oxygen to the surface. Water that splashes back into the water full of oxygen and allows submerged gases to escape.

    However, some pond fountains won't be as effective on the deeper levels of lakes and ponds. 6 feet is about the maximum depth that a floating fountain will circulate the water. To help you achieve the same level of oxygenation at deeper levels, a pond aeration system bubbler, or a high powered aerator will work better. If you have a shallow lake or pond, you have nothing to worry about.

    Another great thing about floating pond fountains is that you can customize them. Many aeration companies offer creative fountain options and unique spray patterns and lighting options.

    2. Eliminates Foul Odor

    Various factors affect the oxygen levels in a body of water. This includes water depth, circulation, and temperature. In a stratified pond, there are distinct layers of water.

    The top layers absorbs more light and warmth and has less organic matter. However, this means that there's also less oxygen working to break down bacteria. Most organic matter falls to the lower layers or all the way to the bottom of your pond or lake.

    This is where bacteria resides and consumes the oxygen. They consume oxygen fast, and with no light for plants, they take over the bottom water layer. As the bacteria continue to break down matter, it leads to hydrogen sulfide buildup.

    This is the root cause of a foul-smelling waterbody. You may notice that your pond or lake develops a foul odor as the temperature changes in the fall. This happens when the water turns over because the top layer increases in density due to the reduced sunlight and temperature.

    This process forces water from the bottom layer to the top. The turnover process leads to excessive emission of foul gas. This is where having a floating pond fountain aeration system helps out. 

    A pond or lake fountain will have healthier water which will significantly reduce these odors even when during a turnover. An aeration system allows the bottom layer to mix and become oxygenated. This reduces the buildup of hydrogen sulfide and, in turn, eliminates foul odors.

    3. Control Algae Growth

    If you maintain a pond or a lake, one of your main issues may be excessive algae growth. Algae is normal, but too much can deplete oxygen and therefore harm the ecosystem. First, it's essential to understand algae growth.

    Algae can grow overnight and thrive off the water, sunlight, and carbon dioxide. They also rely on inorganic nutrients present in your water. Algae often bloom if you have excessive nutrients in your pond.

    This includes nitrogen, carbon, potassium, and phosphorus. When combined with water and carbon dioxide, this can become an overgrowth. This problem may get worse if you have oxygen-deficient water.

    A pond fountain and aeration system can help you combat this. This will circulate the water and push spores deeper into the water. The limited exposure to sunlight gives them less time to grow.

    4. Healthier Habitat for Fish

    The enhanced oxygen circulation promotes a healthier habitat for your fish. Aeration ensures that oxygen flows through your ecosystem. This allows your fish to thrive on the surface and underneath it.

    This expands the living space of your fishes and other aquatic organisms in your pond. Aeration systems are best for warm water fish that struggle without enough oxygen. This includes fishes like bass and catfish.

    5. Fix Your Mosquito Problem

    Mosquitoes thrive on stagnant water, so an aeration system will help you combat this. Stagnant ponds and lakes are ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes, so you want to keep the water moving to ensure that mosquito eggs won't survive. Ideally, the mosquitoes won't find the area attractive at all and will go be an annoyance in another location!

    A floating pond fountain or aeration pump will help you promote motion and oxygen in the water. The reduced algae growth also offers an indirect solution to your problem. When mosquito larvae hatch, they often feed on algae to boost their growth.

    As we mentioned previously, an aeration system allows you to reduce algae growth. This eliminates their food supply and allows you to keep your pond clean. It's also best to trim vegetation surrounding your pond.

    6. Reduces Nutrients in the Bottom Sediment

    Excessive nutrients in the bottom sediment of your pond can harm your body of water. It promotes the growth of algae and can kill your ecosystem. Low oxygen levels can kill your plants and fish, especially during the turnover season.

    Accumulation in the bottom sediment can also cause the need for a dredging session. Dredging is when you remove aquatic life and drain the pond to scrape the bottom sediment and remove muck. Fuller ponds with less accumulation can also be dredged without draining. This is often a messy, expensive, and time-consuming process.

    An aeration system allows you to reduce dredging sessions and make maintenance easier. You will be much happier if you don't have to deal with this process often or ever.

    7. Beneficial During Winter

    During the autumn season, your pond will start to load up on more organic material. If you allow this to happen, you put your fishes' lives at risk and welcome foul odor into your pond. An aeration system circulates this and will offer you a big advantage in the next season.

    An aeration system or fountain also prevents ice formation. Open water can attract more wildlife, like waterfowl. This also allows toxic gases to escape from your pond instead of getting trapped under ice.

    Why You Need a Floating Pond Fountain

    Now that we have show you these seven benefits of getting a floating pond fountain in place, you can start narrowing down which option would be best for you. Do you think your pond or lake needs a boost? We are here to help you maximize the health and beauty of your lake or pond.

    If you're looking for a floating pond fountain as part of your pond aeration system, contact us today! We offer some of the best pond fountains for sale as well as other premium aeration solutions.

    Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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