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  • The Best Pond Fountain Buyers Guide

    by Ringo Ladue April 26, 2020 6 min read

    The Best Pond Fountain Buyers Guide

    The Best Pond Fountain Buyers Guide

    Installing a floating fountain is a great final touch to any pond or lake. Just imagine the sound of the water and visualize the beautiful and calm atmosphere a fountain can create for an outdoor space. 

    There are several types of floating pond fountains available and light kits that go with them too. We’re going to help you choose which one is best for your water space by focusing on a few models and explaining why they are the best ones to go for.

    If you’re unsure of the kind of floating pond fountain that you need or if you are looking for an accompanying fountain light kit, then continue reading our handy guide. 

    Why Have a Floating Pond Fountain?

    Fountains have been around for centuries, with the earliest known fountains dating back to 2000 BC. The ancient Romans were the first to have upright free-standing fountains with water flowing up from underground lead pipes.

    With modern advances and contemporary designs, today's pond fountains are a great addition to any residential or commercial outdoor water space.

    Whether you have a water garden big enough, a pond or lake on your property, are in charge of a massive condominium complex, or have an outdoor resort with a lake or large pond; a pond fountain is an ideal addition.

    A pond fountain not only enhances the look of the outdoor space, but it oxygenates the water and helps keep it clean to eliminate pests such as mosquitos, slugs, algae, and general muck. By eliminating the toxins and creating a healthier pond you will also notice the benefit of removing bad odors, adding to your enjoyment.

    If you live in a humid area that has issues with insects, a floating pond fountain helps to keep the water moving which makes the area less attractive to these pests, such as mosquitoes. It also becomes an area that they are no longer interested in nesting which will greatly reduce the population around your pond or lake. 

    Another benefit of floating pond fountains is the minimizing of water pollution and stagnation. Stagnation occurs when different levels of your pond are separated by temperature. Stagnation causes toxins to form and reduces the amount of oxygen in the water, making it less viable for fish and other aquatic creatures.

    Your pond fountain will help move water on the upper levels of a pond or lake. The water that’s at the bottom of the pond then gets oxygen flow, which reduces the amount of hydrogen sulfide gas sitting at the bottom of your pond. This anaerobic bacteria is also harmful to fish and other animals. If you have a deep pond or otherwise have an issue at the bottom of your pond you make look at a pond aerator of air diffuser to take care of the situation.

    If you have, or want to have fish in your pond or lake, having a pond fountain that aerates the water will create and maintain a healthy ecosystem. Additionally, moving water also creates an atmosphere that attracts birds and other waterlife. Your floating pond fountain can quickly transform an unattractive pond into a gathering spot for friends, families, and animals. Enjoy the fountain's display while the fish and others enjoy the benefits of a healthier pond.

    There are a plethora of design options to consider when planning a new pond layout or redesigning an existing pond. A healthy pond will not only give you a beautiful area to enjoy, it will also substantially increase the value of your property. You can consider the cost of the pond as an investment as it will give you realized gains if you sell the property.

    Choosing the Right Product

    It’s essential to choose the right size fountain for your water space. We can help you with that. Secondarily, it is also wise to think about where you want to position your fountain. 

    One of the many advantages of floating pond fountains is that you can move them wherever and whenever you like. You need to factor in the depth and shape of your pond is, as well as how long of a power cord that you will need. Some pond fountains offer solar and renewable energy choices too. 

    Next up, agree on what kind of spray you want your floating fountain to create. Your pond fountain has to have a strong enough pump to get the look you’re after. With options for pump size as well as nozzle and spray options, you will be able to find the ideal floating fountain for your pond or lake.

    Ask us about what each of our floating pond fountains provides in terms of spray pattern and its height, and what size pump it comes with. Pond fountains are available with as little as 1/2 horsepower all the way up to and over 7 horsepower.  You can choose a variety of spray heights, widths, and shape options to find the perfect match for your situation.  

    We have a great choice of pond fountains that suit all budgets as well as ponds and lakes of all shapes and sizes. Splashy McFun is an authorized retailer for all of the major brands including Airmax, Easy Pond, Kasco, Matala, Power House, and Scott Aerator. How’s that for a selection?

    So, let’s take a look at some of our favorites...

    Our Favorite Floating Pond Fountains

    One of the most recognizable names in pond fountains is the Kasco brand, and their fountains are proudly made in the USA. They have been manufacturing all kinds of water fountains and other water features for over 50 years, so you know that they are a brand that you can trust. All of their fountains come with multiple nozzles so you can choose different and unique spray patterns. 

    If you’re keen to create a fully eco outdoor space and want your floating fountain to reflect that philosophy, the Airmax EcoSeries floating fountain is just the right addition. Airmax is another one of the most trusted brands in pond and lake fountains with a reputation for a natural, simplified approach to pond management. They continue to lead the way in creating innovative solutions for pond owners all over the country as a result of decades of research and development.

    One thing that you might be thinking about is keeping operating costs low. If that’s the case, then consider the Bearon Aquatics F-Series Fountains, which uses significantly less energy than competitors and is really easy to install. Power House fountains and aerators are proudly built in the USA and are known for being the most energy-efficient and also very environmentally friendly.  They take pride in both features and focus on solving your problems and being kind to the environment.

    If you’re looking to install a fountain that covers a larger water space such as a lake in a public area or larger residential property, then take a look at the Scott Aerator pond fountains, with prices starting at $1,319.00 going up to $6,999.00. Scott Aerator also is proud to manufacture their fountains in the United States on the shores of Lake Michigan. They also offer an industry-leading 5-Year Warranty, so you know your satisfaction is guaranteed.

    What About Fountain Light Kits?

    Why limit yourself to only benefiting from a pond fountain during the daytime?

    Installing a light kit not only allows you to see the fountain once the sun goes down, it magnifies the beauty of the fountain. You will get a whole new experience from your pond fountain at night by adding a fountain light kit. These kits are easy to install and will maximize your enjoyment.

    It doesn't matter whether you’re talking about a light kit for a fountain in a residential dwelling or for public installation, there is a great selection of accompanying light kits in a wide range of prices, take a look now

    Ready to Get Your Dream Pond Fountain?

    We hope that you now know more about the different floating pond fountains and fountain light kits.

    We’re dedicated and knowledgeable water enthusiasts and have spent years working with experts that are constantly testing fountain products.

    We can give you a price match guarantee, first-class customer service, free and fast shipping, a satisfaction guarantee, and secure ordering when you order from us online.

    Our website and your purchase are 100% secure because we use the same SSL encryption that banks use. You know you’re in safe hands when purchasing a pond fountain from us. 

    If you have any more pond fountain related questions or want to place an order, don’t hesitate to contact us either by calling (888)-897-7527 or via email or live chat. We’re happy to help!

    Best Pond Fountain Buyer's Guide

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