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  • Why Water Trampolines Are Becoming Increasingly Popular

    by Ringo Ladue May 23, 2022 5 min read

    Why Water Trampolines are Becoming Increasingly Popular image. 2 images of young adults jumping on water trampolines on a lake. Orange/Yellow background with royal blue highlights

    Why Water Trampolines Are Becoming Increasingly Popular

    Did you know that backyard trampolines average about half a million sales per year in the United States? Or that the trampoline industry is worth three billion dollars worldwide?

    The trampoline was first invented in 1936 and has become a much-loved item. It's popular for fun (whether at home in the backyard or in trampoline parks) and it's a useful item for exercise.

    However, another type of trampoline has grown in popularity over the years - the water trampoline.

    If you'd like to know more about this popular and fun way to play on the water, you've come to the right place. Read on and we'll tell you everything you need to know.

    What Are Water Trampolines?

    Water trampolines are basically exactly what they sound like- trampolines designed to be used on the water instead of on land. These can range from an inflatable water trampoline to water trampolines designed to be assembled and left out for the season.

    However, you can move your water trampoline if you're going on vacation somewhere. Just make sure to figure the assembly time into your schedule.

    While all water trampolines have an inflatable outer tube, some water trampolines also have a metal frame on the outer support tube.

    Are Water Trampolines and Water Bouncers Different?

    If you've heard of water bouncers before, you may be wondering if they are one and the same with water trampolines. While they do have their similarities, water trampolines and water bouncers are not the same things.

    Water bouncers tend to be less expensive than water trampolines. However, they can also be smaller than water trampolines. One other key difference is that water bouncers don't provide as high a jump as water trampolines do.

    The reason behind this is simple- water bouncers and water trampolines are built differently. Water bouncers never have a frame, while water trampolines will have either a PVC frame or a metal frame. 

    In addition, water trampolines come with springs, providing you with a higher jumping ability. With water bouncers the jump surface is sewn into the tube. While you still get a bounce, it is not as big as you will get with a water trampoline.

    Why Are Water Trampolines So Popular?

    Water trampolines have become popular in recent years for two main reasons - it's multiple fun summer activities put into one activity and a ton of fun! You don't have to choose between jumping on the trampoline or going swimming, you can do both because the water's right there.

    There is no shortage of games that you can play, you can even make up your own. On a water trampoline, you can play all the same games that you do on a backyard trampoline, such as "Crack the egg" or "Simon Says". 

    In addition, water trampolines are easy to assemble and provide hours of both entertainment and exercise. You can even get accessories for your water trampoline.

    How Much Are Water Trampolines?

    Water trampolines vary depending on the size and the number of people you'd like to put on one. On average, you can count on a water trampoline being at least a thousand dollars. On the higher end, they can reach as much as six thousand.

    The large steel frames that support the water trampoline also give you the bounce. This frame is a large portion of the cost of water trampolines. It is required for stability, performance, and of course the extra bounce!

    If you're looking at water trampolines for sale, don't shy away from the higher prices. Higher prices generally mean higher quality, and between that and the use you'll get out of that trampoline for years you'll be sure to get more than your money's worth.

    Are Water Trampolines Safe to Use?

    Like anything else, water trampolines have their risks. When it comes to water trampolines, you need to keep in mind both trampoline safety and water safety. As long as you keep an eye out for any danger, you'll be perfectly safe.

    That being said, there are certain risks that you can watch out for and prevent from happening.

    Before anyone ever sets foot on the water trampoline, you should make sure it's anchored properly. Unanchored trampolines could drift into more dangerous waters. Even lake water trampolines can drift to areas too deep for children to swim away from.

    When you anchor your trampoline, use an anchor weighing at least a hundred and fifty pounds. In fact, consider having multiple anchors to create better stability and to act as a safeguard in case one breaks away.

    Making sure your water trampoline is properly assembled prevents it from breaking or sinking, which would pose a huge risk of injury to anyone on it at the time. 

    Follow the recommended rules- age recommendations, weight restrictions, and amount of people on the water trampoline are all good to keep in mind.

    In addition, you should practice water safety. Test the depth of the water around the trampoline to make sure it's not too shallow for jumping and diving. You will also want to make sure that it is not too deep if you have young swimmers. Make sure all divers are out of the way before anyone tries to dive in.

    Lastly, if the people on the trampoline are children, you should always make sure there is an adult supervising. This prevents both drowning and children from getting too rough with each other.

    Get Your Water Trampoline Today

    Now that you've learned everything you need to know about water trampolines, you can probably see why they got so popular. This means that this is a sign for you to take action and get one today!

    We offer a variety of water trampolines for sale, depending on what your needs are. Take a look through our catalog and buy a water trampoline today - make the most of your summer!

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