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    Best Water Trampoline and Best Water Bouncer Buyer's Guide. Image shows a blue and yellow inflatable water trampoline on the middle of a lake. There are 5 people playing on the water trampoline on a beautiful day with only a few clouds in the sky.

    Are you thinking of buying a water trampoline or water bouncer? Aren't sure which one to get? Read our review of the best water trampolines to look into for maximum summer fun!

    When talking about summer fun, can you think of a more fun way to spend your time on the lake than with a water trampoline? You can get wet and wild with one of the most fun and inventive products on the water. The biggest bonus is that they are safe, long-lasting, and don't need to cost a fortune. 

    When making a purchase, there are a lot more options available than you may think.  We are going to show you some of the best water trampoline and best water bouncers so that you can maximize your summer fun. If you want to know about some of the fun games that you can play on water trampolines and water bouncers checkout this article.

    We are going to take you through the features and benefits of each brand and style of water trampoline and water bouncer for sale. We want you to have all of the information so that you can choose the right water trampoline for your preferences. Once you have narrowed it down you will be able to make your purchase confidently, knowing that you have made the right selection. Consider this the first step on your quest for maximum fun!

    1. Island Hopper Water Trampolines and Water Bouncers

    Island Hopper first got into the inflatable water sports business when they were the first to introduce the world-famous banana boat tubes. Since then they have expanded their selection and have been designing and manufacturing high-quality floating trampolines and water bouncers for over 20 years. They have continued their innovative ways in developing the Turtle Jump Water Trampoline. This is a fun water trampoline that has all the features of their other models but looks like a large turtle. Island Hopper water trampolines have even been used in the America's Cup as markers!

    In addition to their water trampolines, they also offer the excellent Island Hopper Bounce N Splash Water Bouncer that the kids can also enjoy. Once you have decided between a water trampoline and a water bouncer, there are also great attachments that you can add on to up the ante on the fun! With over 30 years in the inflatable water sports game, you can buy with confidence knowing that you are getting a first-class product with an Island Hopper water trampoline or water bouncer.

    Island Hopper Water Trampolines are available in 3 sizes, the 15ft Classic Water Trampoline, the 20ft Acrobat Water Trampoline, and the 25ft Giant Jump Water Trampoline. All three of these are first-class options that are long-lasting and will enhance your fun for many summers. This isn't just a water trampoline for one or two summers, this can be a water trampoline for a lifetime! This is backed up by a 5-year Warranty on both the inflatable portion and the frame.

    To make sure their floating trampolines are of the highest quality, Island Hopper uses commercial-grade construction featuring high-grade, 30oz 1000 Denier PVC material that is UV-resistant. The seams are electronically welded so that they are guaranteed burst-proof for 5-years. Three separate air chambers ensure safety and stability in the water.

    The water trampoline is supported by a galvanized steel frame with 8.5" cross tapered springs. The water trampolines feature a 700 psi burst strength polypropylene jump surface and a 1" foam perimeter spring cover so that you can jump confidently and safely on all of their water trampolines.

    Island Hopper is one of the best water trampoline brands for durability, and you can set the trampoline up and leave it out for the summer without worry. The galvanized steel frame, secure ties, and thick UV resistant PVC make it sturdy and weather resistant.

    One of the most fun water trampolines they manufacture is the aforementioned Island Hopper Turtle Jump Water Trampoline. It packs in all the features and safety aspects you would expect, but with the added bonus of looking like a cool, fun, giant turtle. With its inflatable arms and legs, it reaches a huge 20ft in diameter.

    If a water bouncer is what you are looking for, the Island Hopper Bounce N Splash is a fantastic and widely popular option. This floating water bouncer is available in a 10, 13, and 17 ft option, to suit the needs of all group sizes. The world of water bouncing has everything you and your family will need for a fun-packed day.  The durable materials mean it will withstand even the most vigorous of jumping and comes with 5-year no-seam blow-out warranty to set your mind at rest.

    All of the Island Hopper water trampolines and water bouncers are easy to get setup and ready for action. Setting up the water trampolines will require a little extra time to setup the steel frame, but will quickly inflate and be ready to go once that is done. The Bounce N Splash Water Bouncer can be setup and inflated in just 10 minutes and is super easy to take with you on the go.

    There are also options available to convert your setup into an inflatable water park with some fun attachments. The water trampolines and water bouncers can both be converted into an Island Hopper Gator Monster Water Park with the addition of the Gator Monster Head Water Slide and the Gator Monster Tail Swim Platform. Additionally, there is the Bounce N Slide Water Slide Attachment for a thrilling ride, the Double Blaster Attachment to launch you and your friends in the air, and the Island Runner Attachment for lounging and running off into the water.

    Island Hopper water trampolines and water bouncers have been our go-to customer favorites over the last few years. Their reputation for creating high-quality products keeps customers coming back for more and referring friends and family to get one of their own. With these fun enhancers, you really can't go wrong, but you will go strong.. all summer long!

    2. Rave Sports Floating Water Trampolines and Water Bouncers

    Rave Sports has been manufacturing high-quality water trampolines for over 25 years. They were the first to introduce water trampolines to the market and have continued to innovate and design newer water trampolines, water bouncers, and other fun water sports products. They truly are market leaders when it comes to water inflatables, and their water trampolines and water bouncers are no exception. They also develop great attachments for the water trampolines and water bouncers so that you have your own inflatable water park.

    The Rave Aqua Jump Eclipse Water Trampoline is a very high quality and highly rated floating water trampoline that does not disappoint. It has been designed to have a much quicker setup time than other water trampolines and has an increased useable space on its surface area. Safety is another key feature that has been built into the design so that you can enjoy your fun without fear of accidents. (Please note that you should always wear a life jacket when playing on water trampolines, water bouncers, and other water sports activities.) 

    One of the most notable features of Rave Water Trampolines is that they are the only water trampoline on the market that does not feature a metal frame. That does not take away from the experience at all and actually adds to it. Removing the metal frame allows for a larger jump surface. The jump surface of Rave water trampolines is about 30% larger than competitors and it features commercial-grade, reinforced construction.

    These floating trampolines are not only built for BIG fun, they are also built to last. You can spread out the cost of the water trampoline over several summers because this is no one-summer, one-hit wonder. The limited lifetime warranty of this water trampoline means that it is in it for the long haul.

    The Rave Aqua Jump Water Trampoline is available in 12ft, 15ft, and 20ft models, so there is a size for all to enjoy. The water trampoline is available in two color schemes to fit in with your surroundings or water park. There is the Classic blue and yellow design, or the more natural tan and green, Northwoods look. Both are beautiful water trampolines that are easy on the eyes and easy to enjoy!

    Your water trampoline will come with a ladder for easy access from the water, an anchor kit for stability, and a high-speed inflator/deflator so that you can minimize set up time and maximize fun time! That is another advantage of the Rave Aqua Jump Water Trampolines is their quick and easy setup. We know that you want to get out on the water and get the fun started!

    If you really want to maximize your water trampoline setup you can turn it into a water park with the addition of some super-fun attachments. The Rave Aqua Launch will send you flying through the air into the water with a big thrill! Do you want to take a fun slide into the water? The Rave Aqua Slide is another way to add to the fun. Want to add some extra area to relax or play on closer to the water? Add a Rave Water Whoosh Floating Water Mat. Test your speed and agility by running off the water trampoline on the Rave Aqua Log. See who can run out the farthest before a fun fall into the water.

     If you really want to crank up the fun you can add the Rave Rope Swing Attachment or really test your agility with the Walk the Plank attachment. The rope swing attachment is really next level and if we are talking about maximum fun, this is your ticket! Fly through the air and jump into the water from 15ft in the air off of a swing! Now we are talking about maximizing your fun!

     The Rave Bongo Water Bouncer is another excellent option designed from the ground up with fun in mind. Water bouncers don't have springs but are directly attached to the tube. This is a safer option for younger kids and still offers a boat-load of fun. Water bouncers won't give you quite as much bounce as a water trampoline but are still a thrill. They can also be used as a swim platform to relax on or layout in the sun and enjoy a good book.

    Rave Bongo Water Bouncers are available in 4 sizes, the smallest of which is 10ft in diameter with a 34 square foot bouncer surface and can hold one adult and two children. There are 2 medium-sized options with 12ft and 15ft options and then the biggest Rave water bouncer is the Rave Bongo 20 with a 20ft diameter and 169 square foot jump surface that can handle up to five adults or ten children. That is a lot of fun to be had by a lot of people!

    Like the Rave Aqua Jump Water Trampolines, the Rave Bongo Water Bouncers are available in the Classic yellow and blue or the natural tan and green Northwoods edition. You can still add those same fun water park attachments to your water bouncer to turn up the fun. 

    Whether it is a water trampoline or water bouncer that you are looking for, Rave has a high-quality product for you to enjoy. Being the original developers of the water trampoline and being in the game for over 25 years means that Rave Sports is a name to trust. They build high-quality, high-performing, durable and long-lasting inflatable water trampolines and water bouncers. Get in on the fun today and you will quickly see why they have been so highly rated for so long.

    3. Aquaglide Water Trampolines and Water Bouncers

    Aquaglide has a tremendous variety of water trampoline and water bouncers that are sure to amplify your summer fun! They offer some of the most unique and innovative floating trampoline designs and continue to bring new exciting products to market. Aquaglide Water Trampolines and Water Bouncers are very high quality and built to last. This combination of longevity and innovation leads to many satisfied customers calling them the best water trampolines and best water bouncers for maximum summer fun.

    In addition to high-quality residential water trampolines, Aquaglide also manufactures incredible commercial water trampolines and water parks. There are a plethora of options to choose from when considering what to add to your inflatable water trampoline water park, and none of the options are short on fun. You can even set up an entire inflatable water park obstacle course!

    The Aquaglide Recoil Water Trampoline is an excellent inflatable water trampoline and is available in 17ft and 14ft options. This water trampoline features a sharp charcoal and light grey design and can accommodate up to 4 people depending on the activities. The Recoil Water Trampoline was designed with families in mind, particularly those with teenagers and adult friends. No doubt this water trampoline will lead to all kinds of summer fun.

    The body of this Aquaglide water trampoline is supported by a galvanized steel frame, and it is extremely easy to set up. It has a central jump area and a handy swim step access platform for climbing on board. The whole design is extremely durable with an interlock system to attach it to other parts of the Aquaglide family. 

     If you want to opt for an inflatable water bouncer instead of a water trampoline, then the Aquaglide Ricochet Water Bouncer will be a great match. This residential water bouncer is available in 12 foot (Ricochet 12.0) and 16 foot (Ricochet 16.0) options, with the 16.0 option being able to accommodate 3-5 users depending on the activity. Like other water bouncers, this one does not have springs or a metal frame. This makes it easy to transport, easy to set up, and a lot of fun. While it may not provide as much bounce as a water trampoline there is still plenty of fun to be had. This is a great option for younger kids.

    Both the Aquaglide Recoil Water Trampoline and Ricochet Water Bouncer have multiple attachment options such as inflatable water slides, water logs, inflatable water mats, launch bags, and more. You can easily set up a dynamic inflatable water park to maximize your summer fun and create memories for a lifetime. 

    If you REALLY want to maximize your summer fun or operate a resort or summer camp, then an Aquaglide commercial water trampoline or water bouncer may better suit you. Let's start with the commercial water bouncers this time. 

    The 8-sided Aquaglide Rebound 20 Water Bouncer is one of the best water bouncers and can accommodate up to 7 people. An easy-access swim step platform makes it easy to climb onto for people of all ages. Heavy-duty handles also assist with getting on the water bouncer and easily moving it if you would like. All of the awesome Aquaglide inflatable water park options are available to turn your fun all the way up!

    Aquaglide offers an option that is different than other big inflatable water trampolines. The Aquaglide Supertramp Water Trampolines are square or rectangle-shaped instead of the traditional round option. This offers a bigger jump surface and has a capacity of up to 8 users. The heavy-duty steel frame and springs give you an outstanding base to get a great bounce from.

    The Aquaglide Supertramp Water Trampoline is available in 3 sizes, 17-foot, 23-foot, and 27-foot. You are going to absolutely love this one and see why it is often voted best water trampoline by our customers. The unique design gives a bigger bounce and more usable bounce space. Adding a water trampoline attachment or three... or five can create an inflatable water park that will be the envy of all. Kids will be raving about the fun that they have and everybody will be coming back for more!

    That covers all of the traditional Aquaglide water trampolines and water bouncers, but now it is time for an incredible water trampoline that is sure to excite all involved.

    The Aquaglide Supervolley Water Trampoline is a little different from all the other bouncers, as it is a device designed for playing volleyball on the water. The Supervolley Water Trampoline comes equipped with an inflatable volleyball net, so you can get competitive in a fast-paced game. What a thrill you and your friends and family will have bouncing and playing a fun game of volleyball right on the water! The smiles, laughs, competition, and memories made will make this an instant hit.

    Aquaglide water trampolines and water bouncers feature superior design, superior quality, and superior fun! Their innovation, attention to detail, and attention to customer feedback have allowed them to become the undisputed leader in selection. There are other great water trampolines and water bouncers, but nobody else offers the attachment options that Aquaglide does. Get started on your Aquaglide inflatable water park today and start REALLY maximizing your fun on the water!

    Get Ready for Summer Fun

    If you are thinking of buying one of these awesome water trampolines for the coming season, then do not delay. They can sell out fast, and you do not want to miss out on all the fun, spills, and thrills that they can bring. 

    We hope that this Best Inflatable Water Trampoline Buyers Guide has given you the information that you need to buy the best water trampoline or water bouncer for your needs. All of these water trampoline options have features with benefits to them, it's just a matter of figuring out which features you will enjoy the most. If you have any questions or need some more information, please contact us here. Maximizing fun is our #1 goal, we would love to show you how we can help.

    Splashy McFun is an online expert in all your products for fun on the water. From water trampolines to boats and kayaks, we provide the best water sport products for your aquatic adventures. Visit our catalog and see what fun we can get in your hands today.

    Best Water Trampolines for Sale Buyer's Guide

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