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  • Outrageously Fun Games to Play on Your Floating Trampoline or Water Bouncer

    Water Trampoline Floating Water Park showing 6 kids playing on a water trampoline on the lake.  The water trampoline is yellow and features blue and red highlights.

    9 Outrageously Fun Games to Play on Your Floating Trampoline or Water Bouncer

    Water trampolines and water bouncers are two examples of some of the most fun ways to enjoy a warm sunny day on the water with friends and family. In addition to being fun to play on and perfect to relax on, floating trampolines will also keep you fit and can improve coordination and social skills in young children!  What better way to speed up a kids development than with some summer fun on the water! 

    We are going to present 9 fun floating trampoline games that will maximize the fun, stimulate the creativity, and provide the most fun exercise. These games aren't just for kids, adults can join in on the fun also!

    Without further ado... Let's get to enhancing the summer fun with 9 Outrageously Fun Games to Play on Your Floating Trampoline or Water Bouncer!

    Defend the Castle

    For this game, you will need a selection of balls and two teams. One team starts on the water trampoline or water bouncer and the other gets into the water with the balls. It may help to have someone who is not playing to call the start and end. 

    The team in the water has to throw the balls onto the trampoline. The team doing the defending has to throw them back into the water. When the designated time ends, points are scored by the attackers depending upon how many balls are on the trampoline. 

    Switch the teams over and see who can get the most points. You could also play a variation, where defenders have to swat the balls away. Points are scored when one of the attacker's balls touches the surface of the water trampoline. 

    Piggy in the Middle

    This is a variation on an old classic, done on a water trampoline. It will require a ball and three players. One person must start off as the piggy in the middle.

    The piggy has to try and catch the ball in mid-air. The two players on the outside must pass it to each other, throwing it over the head of the piggy. If the piggy gets the ball, the person who threw it then goes into the center. 

    You can of course increase the number of people around the circle, depending on the size of your water trampoline. Try to use a medium-sized, soft density ball for this activity. 

    Hot Potato

    For this game, it is advised to have at least three players and a medium-sized ball. The players must begin jumping and throw the ball to one another as they do so. The players must then throw the ball to each other and catch it.

    Any player who drops the ball or does not catch it is out. They must leave the trampoline, and you carry on until only one person is left. 

    Feet to Bottom

    This game is guaranteed to tire you and the children out. It can be played one person at a time, and it helps if one person keeps score. Decide who will go first. 

    Their task is to jump to their bottom, then bounce back onto their feet. The cycle of bottom, feet, bottom, feet has to be repeated until they make a mistake. Every bottom to foot jump is a point, and the person with the highest score at the end will win. 

    Jumping Sequences

    This is a great game for young children who are just developing their skills of memory, concentration, and hand to body coordination. It can be played by as many players as you like, requiring at least two to start.

    One person jumps and performs an action. It could be as something as simple a handclap or as tough as a spin. The next person in line has to copy the movement and add one of their own. This keeps going until everyone has added an action and you have a long jumping sequence.

    With fewer players, you can go back around the circle and add more actions. If you have lots of people, try to do the final routine in sequence.

    Crack the Egg ( *Author's Favorite!)

    This is a fun and easy game that can be played with as little as two people. One person sits down on the middles of the water trampoline. They must sit on their bottom, with their arms wrapped around their legs in an egg shape.

    Others on the trampoline must jump up and down until the central player releases their arms from around their legs. This means the egg has broken, and it is then time for another player to take the middle. 

    Simon Says

    This game is really good if you want to involve people who are not participating in the water trampoline activity. It is a classic game of Simon Says, in which the designated person on dry land shouts out a command starting with 'Simon Says'. 

    Those on the trampoline must follow the command given. It may be something such as 'jump on one leg' or 'do a twirl'. If they shout a command without the prefix 'Simon Says' then anyone who follows the command is out and must leave the trampoline. 

    Water Trampoline Dodgeball

    For this, one participant bounces on the water trampoline while the rest go in the water. The outsiders take turns to throw a ball at the bouncer, which they must dodge. For each ball they dodge, they gain a point.

    Once they get hit, they swap with the person who threw that ball. At the end of the game, the person who scored the most points wins. 

    Fun Water Trampoline Games for Pairs

    These games involve testing each other to find out who can do the most actions in a row. The winner is the person who can carry on the longest without making a mistake or missing the action. 

    The fun with this game is that it is easy to mix up. You could do star jumps, seat bounces, anything your imagination decides. Try combining sequences and see who can keep going without stopping.

    Finding the Trampoline

    The one ingredient all of these fun trampoline games needs is, of course, the trampoline! If you are looking to purchase one, or need even more ideas for fun water activities, then visit Splashy McFun. We can give you some great ideas for all your water-based playdates, so stop by and start splashing today!

    View our Outrageously Fun Games to Play on Your Floating Trampoline or Water Bouncer Infographic

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    Outrageously fun games to play on your water trampoline infographic. Shows all of the fun games for people to play on their water trampolines or water bouncers.

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