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Stand Up Paddle Boards

Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP) have grown in popularity over the last decade and more recently inflatable paddle boards have seen a drastic increase in popularity.  The durability, stability, and performance of the inflatable SUP is what most owners rave about. Best of all, here at Splashy McFun, our paddle board prices are also something to rave about.  Due to the high-quality design and construction of the inflatable SUP, the performance is now as good and in some cases better than that of a traditional board. Now you can not only get the same or better performance, stability, and durability; the inflatable SUPs fold down small enough to fit into a carry bag. You can then put them in the trunk of your car or even the overhead bin of an airplane; you can take your inflatable stand up paddle board wherever you want. offers the best stand up paddle boards; we have a variety of inflatable paddleboards as well as a limited selection of the traditional variety. If you are not satisfied with our paddle board prices, we offer a price match so that you can take the best stand up paddle board with you. Order your board today and get your adventure started!

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