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  • 7 Best Water Sports For Lake Days

    by Ringo Ladue November 21, 2022 5 min read

    7 Best Watersports for Lake Days. We see a closeup rear view of the legs of a paddle boarder standing on his SUP with a black paddle in hand.

    Are you looking to maximize your fun on the lake? We are too! We are always looking to introduce new ways and new products for fun on the lake. Lucky for you, we are here with our tried and trusted '7 Best Water Sports for Lake Days'.

    Watersports are renowned for their therapeutic benefits. Whether you swim, kayak, or surf waves, doing activities in the water is a major factor in your overall well-being.

    With thousands of people participating every year, there's now a watersport for everyone. 

    Do you want to know the best water sports for lake days? Read on below to discover the best water sports for lake days.

    First, A Few Water Sports Tips and Precautions

    Before you can begin experimenting with watersports, it is imperative that you learn some general rules and safety tips. Always know the number for medical emergencies, and make sure you take every precaution:

    • Always wear a life-jacket, regardless of your swimming ability
    • Always keep hydrated
    • Avoid drinking and driving
    • Never go out alone

    1. Scuba Diving

    Scuba diving might not be for everyone. However, for the people who do it, it becomes a way of life. Popular with all sorts of people, from cave divers to underwater photographers, diving on vacations is also a favorite past-time.

    The best way to explore the underwater world is by scuba diving. It will give you the opportunity to have a full underwater experience! Fantastic sea algae and coral reefs can be found as you get a glimpse into the underwater world. 

    Let's say you haven't tried it yet. Don't worry, the professionals will lead you into the underwater environment during your training.

    2. Sailing

    Because it is appropriate for all skill and experience levels, it is one of the most inclusive and beautiful water activities. Furthermore, choosing to sail allows you to unwind in the sunshine rather than do tedious work.

    You can join the crew of a sailing boat for a regatta journey to learn how things go on the water. If large boats aren't your thing, small boats and Hobie cats are lovely ways to learn and get your feet wet in sailing.

    3. Jet Skis and Wave Runners

    Jet skis and wave runners are commonly referred to as the motorcycle of the water. There is not a better lake activity for thrill seekers than taking a jet ski or wave runner out on the water. They can often be rented out near lakes and beaches, and they are also available for purchase.

    Most states need the driver to have a boat license to drive. Find out what permits you need before getting on the water if you use a jet ski.

    While you will undoubtedly travel at high speeds, the wind in your face and the proximity to the sea will make you feel as though you are moving faster than you are.

    Be aware that you could fall off the jet ski, particularly if you hit a wave too quickly or make a sudden turn. Fortunately, the key will be on a lanyard that you wear around your wrist or attach to your life jacket. If you fall off, the jet ski will stop and turn off, allowing you to get back on safely.

    There are dangers involved when using personal water craft, so you must be careful. Always be aware of other PWCs and boats on the water. Collisions can be deadly, so paying attention is very important.

    You also must watch the water, as coming down on large wakes or waves can cause riders to hit their head on the PWC or another passenger. Wearing a helmet to go along with the mandatory life jacket is a great additional safety feature.

    4. Wakeboarding

    Wakeboarding is a sport similar to water skiing. On a wakeboard, you stand similarly to how you would on a snowboard. Try your hand at wakeboarding if skiing isn't your thing. Wakeboarders find it simpler to stand up since the board's surface area is larger than skis.

    Like skiing, you'll be towed behind a boat while holding onto a tow rope. Sit in the water with the board horizontal to your feet so that your feet are at the same height before standing up.

    When you bend your knees, your leading leg will turn naturally forward as you are pulled forward. The wider board will provide you with a little bit more stability on the water. 

    As soon as you feel confident riding in and out of the wake, try popping the board to catch some air as you cross the wake. You can jump however high or low you feel comfortable, or you can just keep the board in the water and still have a good time.

    5. Stand Up Paddleboarding

    Stand-up paddle boarding involves standing on a board and paddling through a body of water. If you've never tried this water sport before, imagine a cross between surfing and kayaking. From balancing to paddling, this sport is a full-body workout. 

    Despite its name, you can use a paddle board in a variety of ways according to your comfort or preference. Many individuals begin in a sitting position, bend over to their knees, and then stand up.

    However, you'll have no trouble standing up and paddling around once you get used to it. Staying lower on the board makes it easier to maintain balance.

    6. Snorkeling

    The entire family can enjoy and easily explore the lake by snorkeling. You might be able to see fish, shells, flora, and other aquatic life. Snorkeling can be a fantastic educational opportunity that piques children's curiosity.

    With a good set of goggles and a snorkel, which allows you to breathe while your face is underwater, you can go snorkeling. If you want to swim faster and farther, think about buying or renting a pair of flippers. You can even use an underwater scooters to aid your adventures.

    7. Lake Fishing

    Fishing might be for you if you're looking for a relaxing water sport. Many lake visitors enjoy fishing since it is frequently passed down from older generations. 

    Fishing is a wonderful activity to enjoy with friends and family while learning about the marine life in your lake. The best part is that you can fish from almost anywhere on the lake.

    Breathe Some Fresh Air

    Nothing beats summer holidays by the lake. By adding some water sports to your agenda, the lake will be more fun than eve!. With so many options to choose from, there is no reason not to go out and breathe some fresh mountain air.

    Are you looking to add some fresh, new water sports to your repertoire? Not sure where to look? Go on over to our Main Menu and find all the best water toys available! As always, please contact us with any questions or concerns. We are happy to help!

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