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  • A Brief Introduction to Inflatable Boats

    A Brief Introduction to Inflatable Boats

    A Brief Introduction to Inflatable Boats

    Are you considering picking up a new outdoor hobby? Or maybe you want to try out a new way to experience a hobby that you already have? We are going to tell you about a great way to get outside, be active, and enjoy some time on the water.

    Because of today's circumstances, most of us have been cooped up inside of our houses. This makes us look for a way to break the cabin fever now that lockdown restrictions are relaxing. This will prompt many of us to look for a hobby that exposes us to lots of sunlight. Vitamin D is very important, especially when it comes to illnesses such as covid, cancer, and many other illnesses.

    When looking to get into the great outdoors, water sports and other water activities are a popular choice. Recreational boating, paddle sports, and fishing are some of the most exciting and popular water activities to participate in. There are many different options to choose from and you may already be familiar with some.

    While looking into this, you may see that there's a growing trend for inflatable boats. This is because it opens up a lot of convenient possibilities to get out on the water. Whether fishing, relaxing, or simply getting from point A to point B, inflatable boats are an excellent option to look into.

    To find out the other benefits these inflatable boats have to offer, read on below. Find yourself the best inflatable boat for your preferences with these features and benefits in mind.

    Easy to Transport, Easy to Store

    Inflatable boats are easy to store once deflated, as you can simply fold it into something a single person can carry anywhere. It folds into the size of a stack of clothes, so it’s sure to fit into your car and closet.

    You will quickly get on the water as inflating it doesn’t too long, 5 to 15 minutes if you’re using an electric pump. It’s lightweight even when inflated, so it’s not a struggle to carry it to the water or get it on and off the water either. Deflating for transport and storage is also a quick process. When inflating it, it’s best to lay it onto a PVC mattress or something that will protect it from rocks, other pointy objects, or a rough surface.

    If you don’t live near a body of water or you don’t have the space for storing a boat of any size, inflatable boats are a better choice. You can decide at a moments notice that you want to get out on the water and off you can go. You don't have to load any heavy gear or plan the logistics of getting your boat to the water in a timely manner.

    Sea Eagle FishSkiff Inflatable Fishing Boat


    A huge plus is that it’s made of inexpensive materials. They’re much cheaper than regular boats, so you don’t have to make a huge investment. For a much more reasonable price, you can get a solid model you can take with you for fishing or for venturing out into the open water.

    It has low initial costs and maintenance costs. You can always splurge for higher-end models if you want to, though. There are very basic options to use with paddles all the way up to high performance inflatable boats for the the ocean with high horsepower motors.


    Speaking of, inflatable boats have different models for different purposes, every level of experience, and everybody of water you wish to explore. This way, you know that there is an inflatable boat no matter what your planned trip is.

    You can also buy inflatable boat accessories to improve your boating experience and extend its capabilities. Examples of some accessories you can buy are lift bags, tube support, dry bags, and more.

    Stable and Durable

    Some people may have a misconception about inflatable boats due to their nature. But, don’t worry, they’re extremely safe and there is an inflatable boat for any conditions.

    Even though they’re light, they’re nice and stable on the water. They’re almost impossible to flip over, thanks to their low center of gravity and buoyancy tubes.

    They won’t pop like a balloon upon touching a sharp rock or when under pressure. The materials used for the higher quality models are military-grade PVC material. The same type of materials used by the US Navy and US Coast Guard.

    The best inflatable boats are built to last. If you take care of your inflatable boat, it can last you 10 to 15 years or longer. It’s a nice investment as long as you maintain it.

    Heavy Duty Inflatable Boat

    How to Choose an Inflatable Boat

    The first thing you need to consider is what you’re using it for and where you’re planning to use it. This will affect a lot of factors in your decision-making.

    Inflatable Boat Type

    For recreational purposes on small water bodies, an inflatable boat is a common choice. You can go from a smaller more basic option with a simple structure, or a high-quality model that will work out in the open sea.

    Some other similar types to look into are inflatable kayaks, paddleboards, and more. Then we also have RIBs or Rigid Inflatable Boats. They’re great for the sea because of the rigid hull, but you can’t fold them or take them apart.


    PVC is a popular choice because it’s lightweight and affordable. Modern PVC is also quite durable, but Hypalon is still the more robust material.

    Hypalon is thicker and can withstand higher impact, heat, UV rays, and so on. For heavy-duty boating it’s the better choice, even if it is a more expensive one. You can't put a price on reliability and durability.

    Power Source

    Inflatable boats can be paddled or have motor mounts. You can use either an electric- or gas-powered engine. There are other unique items, such as the Bixpy Kayak Motor, that are excellent options to look into.

    Orange Sea Eagle Inflatable Rescue Boat


    The design of the hull provides either more stability or limitations. A flat hull, for instance, is better for calm waters as it can be unstable at high speeds. V-hull boats provide directional stability, while deep v-hulls can cut big wakes and waves.


    Some inflatable boats come without keels, which makes them more portable and with a shorter set-up time. However, you can’t use them in troubled waters.

    Those with keels are much more stable, even with big waves. These are the ones you can use an engine on. It can keep itself stable even with the added thrust brought by engines.

    Floor Type

    The different floor types offer varying levels of mobility, portability, and storage. If you choose a boat with a roll-up floor, for example, you can carry, set up, and store them more easily.

    A hard floor, normally plastic or wooden, provides better stability and better hull shape, while an air floor allows for higher speeds.

    Sea Eagle SE14 Inflatable Fishing Boat

    Enhance Your Fun Today with an Inflatable Boat

    If our simple guide piqued your interest in inflatable boats, feel free to do more research about it. You’ll find they’re well worth the money, but you should know which one to buy.

    There’s so much more to learn about inflatable boats before you can decide on the best one. However, you can start by browsing different inflatable boats for sale on our website or contact us for more information. We would absolutely love to help you find the best inflatable boats for your needs! Thanks for reading and we hope to help you soon.


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    A Brief Intro to Inflatable Boats

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