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    Bearon Aquatics P750 Ice Eater - 3/4 Hp

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    The Bearon Aquatics P750 Ice Eater is a 3/4 Horsepower dock de-icer that will keep a 60-foot diameter circle of water open in freezing conditions.

    Bearon Aquatics P750 1/4Hp Ice Eater Features
    • 3/4 Horsepower 
    • 6 Running Amps (115v) / 3 (230v)
    • 60 ft Water Opening
    • 34 lbs of Thrust
    • Moves 1275 gallons of water per minute
    • 1650 RPM's
    • Hertz: 50/60
    • Shroud: 14in W x 15in H
    • Cost/24hrs of Use: $2.10
      (Based at $0.14/kWh - avg 2023 cost in Missouri) 

    How Does the P750 Ice Eater Melt Ice? 

    The Bearon Aquatics Ice Eater is shown in action as a GIF. We can see how big of a water opening a P250, P500, P750, and P1000 Ice Eater produces

    The Bearon Aquatics P750 Ice Eater pushes warmer water up to the surface to keep a 60 ft diameter circle of water open in icy conditions. The P750 Ice Eater is most often used for small boats and dock slips.

    Originally known as Powerhouse Ice Eaters, these reliable units have been trusted by customers to keep their docks and boats protected for over 40 years!

    Each Ice Eater comes with 2 mooring ropes that make it very easy to set up and install. We can assist with any questions you have, but most of the time it is a very quick and easy task. Additional mounting options are available and you will find those below.

    Other Bearon Aquatics Ice Eater Options:

    Most Popular Ice Eater Accessories:

    Bearon Aquatics Timer for Ice Eater - It is grey with a black cord.
    Bearon Aquatics Ice Eater Timer
    Set your Ice Eater to only run at certain hours of the day. This will keep energy costs down.

    Click to view Timer

    Bearon Aquatics Ice Eater Thermostat. It is grey with a black cord. There is a clear cover over the outet.
    Bearon Aquatics Ice Eater Thermostat
    Set your Ice Eater to only run when the temperature gets near freezing point. Keeps energy costs down.

    Click to view Thermostat

    Bearon Aquatics Ice Eater Screen Kit - Black mesh screen on the top of an ice eater.
    Bearon Aquatics Ice Eater Screen Kit
    Add a screen kit to protect your ice eater from chunks of ice and debris. Protects against damage.

    Click to view Screen Kit

    All other Ice Eater Accessories text in blue letters.
    All Other Ice Eater Accessories

    View all of our other Ice Eater accessories.

    Click to view Accessories

    Bearon Aquatics Powerhouse Ice Eater Dock De-Icer Features and Benefits

    • Energy-Efficient: a 115 Volt or 230 Volt Bearon Aquatics - Powerhouse Ice Eater is more efficient than competitors and will keep your costs down.
      • Heavy Grade Motor Housing: built with 16 gauge 304 stainless steel, bronze endbell, and 316 stainless steel motor shaft to operate corrosion-free in freshwater and saltwater.  This ensures that your PowerHouse Ice Eater will be keeping your property protected from ice damage for years.
        • #1 in Water Movement: Bearon Aquatics Ice Eaters circulate more freshwater or saltwater.  1650 revolutions per minute (RPM) produce more Gallons Per Minute (GPM) of water flow than any other dock de-icer on the market.
          • Permanent Split Capacitor: ensures quick, high torque, and smooth operation while performing at the same high efficiency as a single-phase induction motor.  The split capacitor is in sync with the motor for unmatched productivity.
            • Environmentally Friendly: No Oil! The rotor is cooled by an environmentally friendly dielectric lubricating fluid and supported by two heavy-duty ball bearings.  Internal mechanical seal and stainless steel components and additional double lip shaft seal are in place for extra protection and also use the environmentally friendly fluid.  This ensures we get our desired result without harming the environment.
              • Maximum Performance - Multiple Options: Venturi shroud features ends that flare outward to create greater upward thrust to pull warmer water from deeper areas. The unique housing also allows you to utilize the dock deicer in 5 different flow patterns.  This allows you to control areas that are protected and choose the optimal solution. The PowerHouse Ice Eater generates more freshwater and saltwater flow than any other dock de-icer.
                • Double Checked, Certified, and Ready to Operate: All Bearon Aquatics Ice Eaters are performance tested and certified for appropriate output and leaks before they are shipped to you.
                  • Custom-Designed Propellor:  Maximizes results and features screws on the shaft for quick and easy replacement.  Great performance and is easy to replace.
                    • Easy to Setup/Install:  Unlike some other dock de-icers, Bearon Aquatics Ice Eaters require almost no setup.  We will quickly ship your Ice Eater to you and all you will have to do is take it out of the box, secure the Ice Eater with the 2 included 25ft suspension ropes, place it in the water, plug it in, and sit back and watch the ice melt. Unlike some other models, no additional hardware is needed to get different ice eater patterns.
                      • Great for Waterfowl Hunting: When you add a Shallow Water Stand to an Ice Eater you can keep a pond from freezing and create a dream situation for duck hunting. You will quickly and easily open up a frozen pond and now you will have the only open water around. The Ice Eater will also keep the water and decoys moving to make the water look even more attractive.
                        • Heavy grade Quick Disconnect Power Cords: Ice Eater power cords are oil and water-resistant and excel at preventing voltage loss.
                        • Industry Best 3-Year Warranty You can rest assured that you are getting a quality product with a PowerHouse Ice Eater. Unmatched Performance, Unmatched Durability, Unmatched Warranty.
                        • Made in the USA 🇺🇸: Proudly manufactured right here in the United States. Top-Notch American Quality from Top-Notch American People.

                        Bearon Aquatics Powerhouse Ice Eater P750 Dock DeIcer Specifications:

                        • Boat and Dock DeIcer Motor: 3/4 Hp
                        • Running Voltage/Amps: 115v/ 6 amps; 230v/3 amps
                        • Thrust: 34 lbs
                        • Diameter of opening: 60 ft
                        • Dimensions: 15" x 15" x 17"
                        • Weight: 43 pounds
                        • Designed for medium size boats and multi-slip docks.
                        • Bearon Aquatics Ice Eater P750-25-115v, P750-50-115v, P750-100-115v, P750-150-115v, P750-25-230v, P750-50-230v, P750-100-230v, P750-150-230v, P750-200-230v
                        • Bearon Aquatics Ice Eater P750 UPC: 652443000101

                        Bearon Aquatics PowerHouse Ice Eater Warranties, Manuals, and Instruction Guides:

                        These helpful articles will give you more information on dock deicers:

                        Customer Reviews

                        Based on 22 reviews
                        Gil P.
                        No ice with this ice eater

                        Been using one since 2004, Starter windings finally gave out. While out for repair ordered a second one so there will be a back up. Does a fantastic job. While there has been up to 20” of ice on the lake in the past, there is water at the dock

                        Gil P.
                        No ice with this ice eater

                        Been using one since 2004, Starter windings finally gave out. While out for repair ordered a second one so there will be a back up. Does a fantastic job. While there has been up to 20” of ice on the lake in the past, there is water at the dock

                        Merrill T.
                        1 Hp ice eater

                        I have not used the product yet. The experience buying it was great

                        Merrill T.
                        1 Hp ice eater

                        I have not used the product yet. The experience buying it was great

                        Bruce W.
                        Communication and service for Ice Eater

                        I was very impressed with how easy the website was to use and how user friendly it was. The order shipped immediately and SplashyMcFun was in constant communication about the delivery and afterwards. I was very impressed. I am a total idiot and read elsewhere online that the 230 volt would be better than the 110 or 115 volt product would be better and ordered the 230 volt not realizing it would not plug in to our standard outlets. I plan on ordering another Ice Eater today from Splashy McFun with the 115 volt motor. I should have taken advantage of their well educated staff and called with questions. I look forward to receiving the new 115 volt unit and am sure I will get the same fast service and constant communication through the order process.

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