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  • Best Towable Tubes for Your Boat

    by Ringo Ladue May 01, 2024 9 min read

    Best Towable Tubes for Your Boat

    Riding a towable tube while being pulled behind a boat is one of the most thrilling water sports you can try. Whether seeking an adventure or out with friends and family, picking the perfect towable tube will ensure an enjoyable experience.

    But with so many options on the market, finding the perfect tube can be challenging. In this article, you will learn about the best towable tubes for your boat, their different types, and how to choose the best one for your next water adventure.


    Best Towable Tubes For Your Boat

    Rave #Stoked 2-Person Towable Boat Tube

    This is the Rave #Stoked 2-Person Towable Boat Tube with 2 people sitting on it in, holding onto the handles while being dragged by a speedboat on the water.

    There is no way you will ever be more stoked than on this chariot-style tow tube for two people!  With its sturdy build, ten handles, and two quick-connect tow spots, the Rave #STOKED towable boating tube is perfect for riders of all abilities and preferences.

    This best-selling two-person boating tube right now is the Rave #STOKED. The Rave #Stoked 2-Person Boat Tube is a hit with kids because it allows them to sit straight as they float through the water.


    • 10 handles
    • 2-rider seating capacity
    • 340 lbs. (154 kg.) maximum weight
    • 61" x 82" (155cm x 208cm) deflated tube size
    • 75" x 58" x 34" (191cm x 147cm x 86cm) inflated tube size
    • Dual Quick Connect tow points
    • Durable 420D/840D Nylon cover
    • Heavy duty 28 gauge PVC bladder

    Connelly Racer 2

    This is the Connelly Racer 2 with 2 people sitting on it in holding hands while one of them is holding onto the handles while being dragged by a speedboat on the water.

    Take a spin on the Connelly Racer 2 if you're in the market for an exhilarating ride that can reach top speeds even on relatively calm seas. But this inflatable only offers you a backrest and two seats for structural support. Riding in this water tube feels like being close to the action.

    The tube's minimalist design and lack of padding make it unsuitable for use on rough water. While some might find that appealing, others could find it less entertaining. Conversely, you can use this towable tube for children and newbies on calmer water to guarantee fun and safety.


    • 60-by-65-inch deflated tube size
    • Deck-style tube
    • Backrest for comfort
    • Sports car red cover made from 420D nylon
    • Oval-shaped interior cutout

    Rave Mambo 3-Person Towable Tube

    This is the Rave Mambo 3-Person Towable Tube with 3 people laying chest-flat on it, holding onto the handles while being dragged by a speedboat on the water.

    The Rave Mamba tow tube allows you and up to three friends to go on thrilling tubing excursions! If your adventure gets out of hand, you can simply climb back on the tube with the help of the two rear boarding straps and the huge anti-chafe guard. From novice adventurers to seasoned veterans, this tube is ideal.


    • 3-rider seating capacity
    • 510 lbs. (231 kg) max rider weight
    • 6 foam-filled handles with Neoprene knuckle guards
    • 70” x 80” x 20” (178cm x 203cm x 51cm) inflated tube size
    • 72” x 83” (183cm x 221cm) deflated tube size
    • Durable 840D Nylon cover
    • Heavy duty 24 gauge PVC bladder
    • Large anti-chafe guard
    • Quick connect tow point
    • Swept wing deck-style tube
    • Twin rear boarding straps

    HO Neo 3

    This is the HO Neo 3 with 3 people sitting on it, holding onto the handles while being dragged by a speedboat on the water.

    The HO Neo 3 has an inflatable bathtub-like appearance. But this inflatable can deliver a truly exhilarating experience. This towable boat tube features interior, side grips, and space for three people to sit. The best part is that you can feel and see the water below you, thanks to the tube's mesh bottom.

    Passengers looking for an exhilarating ride will love this tube because it can reach substantial speeds while providing fun air. Additionally, compared to other towable tubes of comparable size, the Neo 3 is lighter because of its distinctive structure. Although they are more difficult to inflate, the inflatable tubes with built-in obstacles offer a more steady ride.


    • 82-by-67-inch deflated tube size
    • Heavy-duty, snag-resistant mesh inflatable sides
    • Light and more accessible to move about the beach or port
    • Two-way Boston valves for the main pieces

    RAVE #Epic 3-Person Towable Boat Tube

    This is the RAVE #Epic 3-Person Towable Boat Tube with 3 people sitting on it, holding onto the handles while being dragged by a speedboat on the water.

    The Rave Sports #Epic 3-Person Towable Tube is the perfect summertime accessory for making unforgettable moments at the lake. Rave Sports designed this boating tube with three seats so that you can have the best time ever with your pals this summer. You can take a seat on the plush backrest or go for a wild ride chariot-style on this tube. 

    All sizes, ages, and abilities of tubers have alternatives with the dual quick attach tow points.  You can ride through every thrilling wave and the twist is made easier with the backrest and fourteen handlebars.

    In addition, using the Boston valve, the Rave Epic 3 Towable Boat Tube can be inflated rapidly, allowing you to be out on the lake without delay. The 28-gauge PVC used to construct this raft is very sturdy.


    • 14 handles
    • 3-rider seating capacity
    • 510 lbs max rider weight
    • 78" x 77" x 34" inflated tube size
    • 81" x 82" deflated tube size
    • Boston valve for quick inflation and deflation
    • Dual 'Quick Connect' tow points
    • Durable 420D/840D Nylon Cover
    • Heavy duty 28 gauge PVC bladder

    O’Brien New-U 2

    This is the O’Brien New-U 2 with 2 people sitting having the time of their lives, holding onto the handles while being dragged by a speedboat on the water.

    Riders are invited to lay on top of O'Brien's New-U 2, a deck tube that slowly curves into a U shape, and dive headfirst into the thrill. The reduced resistance is unsurprising, given that the form has a lower wetted surface area than flatter tubes. Your riders will be gliding effortlessly into the flats and back and forth over the wakes as soon as you crank up a couple of S-turns. Its rounded form gives it an air of rock 'n' roll.

    You may also find this towable inflatable tube more entertaining, particularly after discovering that the stabilizing outer sponsons of the ­New-U may prevent you from being ejected in excessive tube rocking. These sponsons were set back somewhat from the edge on the bottom side of the tube.


    • 57-by-61-inch deflated tube size
    • Heavy-duty 24/28-gauge PVC bladder
    • EVA body pad and 840D nylon cover
    • Speed-style valves for sponsons’ inflation and deflation

    Radar Edge 2

    This is the O’Brien New-U 2 with 2 people sitting having the time of their lives, holding onto the handles while being dragged by a speedboat on the water.

    For pontoon boat owners or anyone looking for a compact and budget-friendly tube, the Radar Edge 2 is a fantastic pick. With its curved front, this towable tube for boating can accommodate three riders in a stomach-up position.

    The tube resembles a manta ray leaping playfully out of the water thanks to its two flapping wings. Having wings isn't merely for show, though. Things may get intense in the Radar Edge 2, so providing riders with more security is excellent. The tube can skid and bounce on the wave surface because its bottom is somewhat convex.

    Because there is only one valve and one inflatable bladder, the Radar Edge is also portable. While other tubes may boast more features, this one is perfect for boating and an excellent all-arounder.


    • 82-by-68-inch deflated tube size
    • Single 30-gauge PVC bladder
    • Full neoprene topside cover
    • Single two-way Boston valve


      Types of Towable Tubes

      Towable tubes come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, each offering a unique riding experience. There are a variety of designs to choose from when it comes to tubes, so consider your skill level, age, and preferred pace. Some of the most common types include:

      Banana Tubes

      This is a Banana Tube with 4 people lined up, riding on it, holding onto the handles while being dragged by a speedboat on the water.

      Riding a banana tube or a toboggan tube is like riding a sled in the snow. These tubes are perfect for pontoon boats because they are slender and aerodynamic.

      Deck Tubes

      This is a Deck Tube in action on water with a person laying chest-flat on it holding onto the handles while getting pulled around on the water.

      Consider purchasing a deck tube if you require one capable of managing rapid descents. A firm grip is necessary to maintain stability on these tubes while in the water. Laying on one's stomach with one's back to the boat is the most common position for riding a deck tube.

      Dual Tow Point Tubes

      This is a Dual Tow Point Tube with 2 people kneeling on it, holding onto the handles while being dragged by a speedboat on the water.

      Dual tow-point tubes, as the name suggests, feature two tow points on either side of the tube. The fact that passengers of all ages can relax in the front seat's backrest makes this design a hit. You can flip the tube over to make it more of a "chariot-style" ride.

      Open Top Tubes

      This is an Open Top Tube in action with 1 person sitting on the center while being dragged by a boat on the water.

      When most people think of inflated tubes, the first shape that comes to mind is an open-top tube resembling a doughnut. Riders of all abilities and ages will love this design because of its adaptability.

      Countless variations exist for riding open-top tubes. You have two options for positioning yourself in the hole: sit with your legs dangling over the side or lay on your stomach with your feet hanging over the back.

      Ride-In Tubes

      This is a Ride-in Tube with 3 people sitting on it while being dragged by a speedboat on the water.

      When you want to kick back and relax on your ride, choose ride-in tubes, also called cockpit-type tubes. Because riders sit so low in the tube, they are ideal for younger children. This one produces a more secure ride and seamless takeoff than other tube designs.

      Rocker Tubes

      This is a Rocker Tube with 3 people on it in different positions, holding onto the handles while being dragged by a speedboat on the water.

      The curved shape of a rocker tube makes for an exciting ride on the water. This design enhances maneuverability because riders may rock the bike from side to side. These tubes often come in a three-stage or U-shaped configuration. The flat middle and winged tips of three-stage rockers allow riders to lie down or sit up, while the continuous curves of U-shaped rockers will enable them to rock side to side.

      While thrill seekers will love rockers, novices and younger riders can have a good time on them as long as boat drivers keep from going too fast.

      Unique Concept Tubes

      This is an example of a Unique Tube with 1 person in a rocket-shaped tube, jumping off water while being dragged by a speedboat on the water.

      Because watercraft enthusiasts are always looking for something fresh, towable tube designs are starting to take on a more experimental tone. These tubes suit the needs of advanced riders and are available in a wide range of shapes and patterns.


      Essential Factors in Towable Tubes for Your Boat

      When choosing a towable tube, you should prioritize safety and durability to avoid accidents and allow you to have an enjoyable ride in the water. Here are the factors to consider when buying towable tubes:

      Size and Capacity

      You can discover tubes that can fit riders of all sizes, from solo adventurers to larger groups. If you plan on tubing children, consider that while purchasing because all the tubes available are rated for adults.

      A one or two-person towable tube is your best bet if your boat is cramped. Compared to multi-person tubes, these are often smaller and lighter. In addition, larger tubes can accommodate more riders, so consider getting those if you plan on pulling many people.

      The rated capacity of the tube and tow line should be strictly adhered to when towing. It becomes risky if you add more individuals than the manufacturer suggests. You may destroy your tube and put your riders in danger if you try to ride it with more weight than the allotted number of handles. Remember, each tube has a specific capacity.


      Look for tubes constructed with high-quality materials such as heavy-duty PVC, nylon, or reinforced stitching to withstand the rigors of towing and rough waters. Double stitching and PVC material are standard reinforcements for most of the market's typical and high-priced tubes, while nylon is used to construct numerous tubes to strengthen them and make them more water-resistant.

      You should be very wary of buying a tube without seeing what materials it is built of; if the manufacturer keeps this information private, you can assume that it used inexpensive materials in its construction.

      Safety Features

      Check for features like padded handles, secure tow points, and safety valves to enhance rider safety and stability. Note that to ensure the safety and durability of your towable tubes, inflating them to the appropriate size is crucial.

      You should also fill the tube with air until it is rigid and the lid is smooth. If you want to be extra careful, read the instructions on how to inflate the product carefully. You may fill up any tube with air by simply turning its valve. In general, there are three different kinds of valves:

      • Boston: The two caps indicate that these valves are one-way. You can inflate the tube by removing the cap and then deflate it by untwisting the entire valve.
      • Speed: This valve is simple to use. You inflate the tube using the electric pump's speed valve fitting and wait for the air to fill the entire tube.
      • Stem: The most user-friendly valves are stem valves. Pump it up by inserting the electric pump into the stem valve; deflate it by pinching it and pulling on the tube.


      Choose the Perfect Towable Tube

      Riding a towable tube is a must-try if you’re looking for a new activity for your next water adventure. When selecting the ideal tube for your boat, you should consider various factors like the type, capacity, durability, safety features, and riding style.

      Still not sure what to buy? Check out this high-quality towable tube you can try on your next family outing.

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