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  • What Is a Banana Boat Tube (And Why Do I Need One?)

    by Ringo Ladue July 23, 2020 5 min read

    What Is a Banana Boat Tube (And Why Do I Need One?)

    What Is a Banana Boat Tube (And Why Do I Need One?)

    Perhaps you think you are a bit of a pro with outdoor sports. Or that you have tried all the various water sports or aquatic athletic endeavors out there. Think again. Have you ever come across a banana boat tube?

    Do you know all the fun activities you can have with them? Probably not! In this article we will go through and explain what exactly a banana boat tube is and why exactly you need one!

    Think of all those long summer days of endless fun you will be having with your new banana boat tube!

    What is a Banana Boat Tube?

    To put it simply, a banana boat tube is a large non-motorized, inflatable boat tube that you can attach to a boat or waverunner to be pulled behind. It is usually bright yellow and shaped like a banana, hence the name 'banana boat tube'!

    It is the perfect addition to any day out on the lake or ocean. Banana boat tubes are durable, strong, and resistant to any rough water or small debris.

    Banana boat tubes feature high quality construction so that you can count on steady rides for years to come.  Amongst the most well respected designs are those from WOW Watersports and the  Island Hopper Banana Boat Tubes.  These banana tubes are made from 1100 denier, 9.0 mm PVC material which is stable and resistant to damage so you are ensured a safe and smooth ride for all your people on board.

    The material is also resistant to damage from the sun's UV rays which means that it doesn't wear out or fade easily. It also means your banana boat tube keeps its striking yellow color out on the water for much longer.

    Banana boat tubes vary in size from 3 person models all the way up to a 14 person 'Banana Bus' Banana Boat. Banana boat rides are available with inline seating and side by side seating options. 

    Whatever model or seating style you choose, it is always a comfortable and safe ride for your passengers. With plenty to grip on to everybody will feel secure in the seating arrangement. Banana boat tubes provide a smooth and balanced ride over the water.

    So why delay on getting your own banana boat tube? Soon you'll be having the ride of your life! Whether with all your friends and family or with guests you will be cruising, laughing, and having a great time on the open waters.

    Summer Camps and Kids Clubs

    A banana boat tube is a great addition to any summer camp or kids club you might be running. 

    Because it is inflatable and so durable and strong, it is easy to store over the winter months when you aren't using it, without worrying about wear and tear.

    Kids love the fun element of a banana boat tube, it's a fantastic outdoor activity for them if they want to get out on the lake or ocean but perhaps aren't keen on activities like kayaking or windsurfing.

    They are still able to participate with their friends in a fun group activity but aren't having to control a piece of equipment by themselves. They can also sit back and enjoy the ride while laughing with friends instead of having to paddle a kayak or canoe.

    This can be a real highlight and addition to a summer camp which will ensure that all your kids, of differing range of ages, can have a great time at your camp.

    Alternate Banana Boat Tubes Styles

    For a really fun alternative boat tubing experience, the Island Hopper Banana Boat Tube is also available as a Red Shark Banana Boat Tube or a Whale Ride Banana Boat Tube. Wait till you see the looks on the kids faces when they see these! These tubes look like a red shark or a whale and this only enhances the kids fun!

    Both the Whale Ride and Red Shark Banana Boat Tubes are available in a variety of sizes for different numbers of passengers. Not only will these banana boats enhance your passengers fun, but you will get looks from anybody in sight wondering what the awesome boating tube that you have behind your boat is!

    Buying an Island Hopper Red Shark or Whale Ride Banana Boat Tubes is a sure-fire way to maximize your summer fun!

    Rave Sports makes a banana boat tube that they call the 'Waterboggan'.  The Rave Waterboggan is available in 3, 5, 6, and 12 person versions so there is model to meet whatever your needs might be.

    The WOW Watersports Banana Boat Tubes are similar in design but they feature a different color scheme than the traditional yellow banana boats.  The Wow Banana Boats feature green side tubes with an extra wide main tube that is orange with blue triangles. This gives it almost a plaid look from the top and also stands out on the water with its bright colors.

    No matter what type of adventures you want to go on, there is a banana boat tube that will meet your needs.  All of these tubes provide a great ride and are great way to both maximize summer fun while also being a reliable water transportation unit.

    Boaters and Boat Users

    If you already have a boat and use it regularly or at least semi-regularly, why not add to the experience by getting a banana boat tube?

    It is, of course, a great experience getting out on the water in your boat and driving around. But why not add that extra level of fun and variety by purchasing something which all your friends enjoy and create memories that you will talk about for years.

    It's ideal for any day on the water, particularly when family or friends are in town. That's a perfect time to take a spin on the banana boat tube. 

    It's entertaining and exhilarating and a memorable day out for everyone that participates. People will be begging you to host a repeat performance so they can have that much fun again! 

    Rental Hire and Boat Lakes

    If you have a rental hire service on a boating lake and are wanting to expand your services, why not think about getting a banana boat tube?  It's a cost-effective rental service that gives a maximum level of thrill and adventure. 

    People are always looking for that quirky and fun experience to show off to their friends on social media. This is a great photo opportunity you can catch while being on the boat towing them. 

    It is also easy to store and transport, being inflatable, so you don't need to worry about it taking up a lot of space in your storage facilities. Most banana boat tubes inflate pretty quickly so that you can quickly be out on the water.

    Banana Boat Tubes: Where Can I Find Out More?

    We hope this article has given you plenty of information about banana boat tubes; what exactly they are and all the benefits you can have by purchasing one!

    We know you'll be on the water in no time, riding those waves with your friends. If you have any questions or queries about banana boat tubes or any of our other products, why don't you  contact us directly?

    We would love to talk to you about all things water-sports related! 

    What is a Banana Boat Tube and Why Do I Need One?  An Infographic

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