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  • Banana Boat Tubes Bring Big Fun on the Water

    by Ringo Ladue March 11, 2022 5 min read

    Banana Boat Tubes Bring Big Fun on the Water! 4 teenagers ride on a yellow banana boat tube on clear blue ocean water.

    Banana Boat Tubes Bring Big Fun on the Water

    Ready for a little fun in the sun? It's no secret that Americans love a beach or lake vacation. According to a recent survey, almost 75% of Americans find going to the beach relaxing.

    It's easy to see why, as there is no shortage of fun things to do when water is near. You can surf, relax in the sun, boat, and take a stroll down the boardwalk. 

    However, if you're looking to add a little more adventure to your vacation, you have to take a ride on a banana boat.

    Banana boat tubes give riders a serious thrill as they splash through the water. Read on to learn more about how they will bring you BIG fun on the water!

    What Are Banana Boat Tubes?

    Banana boats are inflatable yellow tubes that are towed by a motorboat or a jet ski. When you ride one, you're sitting perched atop the raft, wrapping your legs around the side, and grabbing the handles.

    These boating tubes seat between 3 and 14 people depending on their size. However, the more the merrier, as this watersport is best enjoyed in larger groups. On smaller banana boats, riders sit in a single row. On larger ones, you'll sit side-by-side in two rows.

    Most banana boats are rated for top speeds of around 15 miles per hour, but it doesn't take a lot of speed to really get your adrenaline pumping. This speed also makes them the perfect choice for families, as they're safe for children to ride.

    Why You Need To Try Riding a Banana Boat

    Riding a banana boat is an amazing way to spend a day on the water. There are plenty of reasons you should add this fun maximizing experience to your list of fun things to do.

    It's Exhilarating

    Water skiers, wakeboarders, and jet ski riders already know that zipping through the waves is always a fun time, but doing it on a big yellow banana with your friends is an experience like no other. It's the perfect blend of silliness and adrenaline-inducing excitement!

    It's Different

    As you know, there are plenty of things to do at the beach. However, even going to the beach gets boring if you spend your time doing the same activities over and over. 

    Banana boats offer something a little different, and plenty of people have yet to take one for a ride. If all your visits to the beach are starting to feel the same, add banana boating to your list of things to do the next time you take a trip to the water.

    Fun For All of Your Family and Friends

    While other watersports are limited to just a few people at once, up to 14 people can ride a banana boat tube. This means no one is left watching from the shore and everyone can get in on the action at once.

    Getting a Banana Boat

    If you own a beach house or a lake house, a banana boat tube is a great addition to your on-the-water activities. You likely already have access to a boat of jet ski to tow it, just add the banana boat and watch the fun factor go up!

    Chances are, you'll get a lot of use out of your banana boat. The boats are made of durable and strong PVC and SVS compounds, so they'll give you and your family years of fun on the water.

    When your order your banana boat, be sure to choose one that's large enough to accommodate your people. You'll want to have plenty of room for friends and guests to join in on the fun.

    Staying Safe on a Banana Boat Ride

    While banana boat tubes are generally safe to use, you need to keep in mind basic water safety and always exercise your best judgment. Let's look at some safety tips.

    Bring a Life Jacket

    As with all water sports, you'll need to wear a life jacket to stay safe. While it's incredibly unlikely that the banana boat sinks, you do run the risk of being thrown overboard.

    For this, you'll need a Type III life vest. It's the most basic kind of Personal Floatation Device (PFD) and comes in a wide variety of sizes and colors. Be sure to find a PFD that fits your chest and is rated to support your weight.

    Operate Only in Safe Conditions

    Never go for a banana boat ride when the water is choppy or a storm is approaching. Choppy water makes it very difficult to keep hold of the boat's handles, and you never want to be caught out on the water in a storm. 

    Monitor Your Speed

    Banana boat tubes are only rated for speeds of up to 15 miles per hour. At higher speeds, they become more dangerous and you run the risk of being flung from the tube or damaging it.

    Always keep an eye on the boat's speed and never exceed the speed your boat can safely handle. More adventurous banana boaters may want to push their boundaries, but it's not a good idea. Also, you should never attempt to perform tricks or stunts on your banana boat.

    If you're paying to take a banana boat ride at a beach, the motorboat operator will likely be a certified Captain.

    If you're riding your own banana boat you'll need to ensure your boat's driver stays safe and responsible while towing your raft. You'll also want at least one other person on the motorboat to act as a spotter. This person can alert the boat driver if someone is in danger.

    Respect the Occupancy Limits

    Each model of banana boat will have a limit on the number of riders and a maximum weight capacity. You need to follow both to stay safe while riding your banana boat tube.

    Banana Boats Make for an Amazing Day on the Water

    Whether you're at the beach or paying a visit to your local lake, you'll always have a blast riding towable banana boat tubes. 

    You and all your friends and family will enjoy quality time together while relaxing and taking in some Vitamin D. Just be sure to follow a few basic water safety procedures.

    Are you ready to get your own banana boat? Check out Splashy McFun's collection today!

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