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  • How Boating Tubes Will Enhance Your Summer Fun

    by Ringo Ladue March 23, 2021 6 min read

    How Boating Tubes Will Enhance Your Summer Fun Blog. A red and white boating tube is being pull behind a speedboat on the lake.

    How Boating Tubes Will Enhance Your Summer Fun

    One of the best ways to enjoy the summer is by spending as much time as possible in or on the water. But what happens when your kids get bored of swimming by the dock every day?

    That's right, it's time to pull out the boat and go have some fun! But unlike adults, kids can't simply sit on a boat and relax. They're full of energy and are always looking for an adrenaline rush. This is where boating tubes come to the rescue.

    If you don't already have boating tubes, it's time to get some. Boat tubes make it easy to keep kids entertained for hours, while you get to enjoy time driving your boat. Watching your kids have fun on the water while you relax on the boat is an incredible experience.

    Wondering why boat tubes are so awesome, what you can do with them, and how to buy the right ones? Keep reading for answers to all your boat tubing-related questions.

    What Are Boating Tubes?

    Boating tubes are different from a standard inflatable tube often used at pools, lakes, and rivers. Normal inflatable tubes are used as flotation devices in calm water, so that you can kick back and relax.

    Boating tubes are specifically designed to be towed by a boat. They are made with reinforced polyester or PVC, allowing them to handle the pull and fast speeds of boating. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so we are sure that you will find at least one that you will love.

    The bottoms of boating tubes are made of a specific material that slides lightning fast on the surface of the water and can handle landing back on the surface after getting airborne. They are durable, provide an awesome experience, and are built to last.

    Built-in tow loops provide an easy attachment while allowing them to be pulled by a boat. Any tube or other floating item that doesn't come with a built-in tow loop should never be towed. Not only will it not give you an ideal experience, it can be dangerous.

    While some boating tubes are large, open, donut-style tubes, many have actual seating with accompanying handles and even seats to ensure passengers are comfortable. We will tell you more about they types of boating tubes below.

    Why Boating Tubes are so Much Fun

    So why should you get a boating tube? Because they offer your kids, and yourself, an exciting way to experience the water, providing endless hours of fun. Kids love them and parents love them... lookie-there; something kids and parents agree on!

    If you have younger kids, they will have a blast riding a tube behind your boat at even the slowest speeds. But for older kids, you can really test your boat's speed and elevate your kids fun-meter to the highest level.

    Boating tubes can handle higher speeds and wakes, allowing for bumpy, exhilarating rides that will occasionally get your passengers airborne. Yes, they may fall off sometimes, but that is all part of a good day of tubing.

    Plus, larger tubes and banana boats can accommodate between 3 and 14 riders, making it a party behind the boat. If you are hoping that your family makes lasting memories this summer, then make sure to get some boating tubes.

    What Else Can You Do With Boating Tubes

    Boating tubes are specifically designed to be pulled by a boat on open water. But that doesn't mean that's all you can do with them.

    Ever gone for a lazy river float? Most people use standard pool tubes for this. But if you want to be comfortable for a multi-hour float, a larger, more durable tube with a proper seat is ideal. And since there are small tube models ranging from one to four seats, it's easy to have company onboard as you meander downstream.

    Plus, normal pool tubes can pop or become unsteady the moment they get snagged on a branch or stone. With a boat tube, you'll be comfortable knowing your tube is far more durable.

    Many use boating tubes to float around and fish as well. These are ideal for still water environments where you won't get tossed around by the current. You can just kick back, relax, and cast away. Reeling in fish while floating down a river or on a lake is a unique and exciting experience.

    A boat tube can also allow you to get into deeper water and away from other anglers stuck onshore. Using a paddle or even wearing fins can make it easier to move across the water. 

    Types of Boat Tubes

    When it comes to choosing boating tubes, it can be more difficult than you would think. There are dozens of different designs and variations when it comes to a towable, inflatable tube. Here are the ones you need to be aware of.

    Standard Boat Tubes

    Your basic boating tubes include the open-top style tubes and the deck style tubes. These look most similar to a standard donut-style pool tube. Some will have backrests or something to lean forward on.

    They can often fit one or two rides, either sitting in the center with legs hanging over the side, or riding on their stomach and chest. These styles are great for beginner and young boat tubers.

    Side By Side Towable

    If you're looking for a more comfortable tube, consider a side-by-side tube. These offer actual seats, with models seating three all the way up to fourteen riders.

    Side-by-sides are easier to hang on to, making them a great option for younger kids. They are also great because you can look to your side and see your friends smiling and laughing, enjoying the fun with you!

    Banana Boat Tubes

    Looking for a party tube? The banana boat tube can accommodate between 3 to 14 riders, making it ideal for the whole crew to ride together. Or if you're having a family reunion, there's finally something that all the cousins can do at the same time. This is another tube that is not only great behind a boat, but also makes a great group water lounger.

    Considering a banana boat tube? Check out our article showing you everything that you need to know.

    What Else Do You Need for a Safe, Fun Day on the Water?

    Once you get your boat tube, there's a few other essential pieces of gear you're going to need. Of course, every rider, regardless of age and swimming ability, needs to have a fitting life jacket. There are no exceptions to this rule.

    You're also going to need a tow rope strong enough to pull the amount of weight you plan to tow. It needs to be a tubing-specific rope, so don't try to use an extra ski rope or another type of rope you may have laying around.

    It also helps to have an electric or battery-operated pump for easy inflation. Make sure your boat has flags onboard to alert other boats on the water of people in the water. 

    Each state has different recreational boating laws. Before getting out on the water, ensure safety by brushing up on your local boating laws.

    Getting the Best Tubes for Boating

    Looking to pick up the best boating tubes for sale? Splashy McFun offers a wide range of boating tubes that can meet any of your needs.

    With smaller models ranging from one to four seats, to large banana boats ranging from four to 14 seats, we have it all. If you are ready to gear up for summer fun, you can pick up everything you need online.

    We offer free shipping on everything, and most orders ship out within 24 hours. Plus, we have a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can order your boating tubes today without worry.

    Check out our current selection and get ready for the summer of a lifetime. Please contact us with any questions, we would absolutely love to help you maximize your fun on the water.

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