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  • Best Pontoon Boat Accessories for Maximum Fun

    by Ringo Ladue January 20, 2022 7 min read

    A red and tan pontoon boat sits at the dock on a lake. It is on small lake, with a small dock. 2 chairs sit on the end of the dock.

    Best Pontoon Boat Accessories for Maximum Fun

    Setting sail and enjoying life on a pontoon boat for a day is a top relaxation choice for many Americans, and for good reason. 

    Spending time on your pontoon boat reconnects you with nature, gets you out in the sun, and gives you quality bonding time with your family and loved ones. It's the ideal day out when the weather is good. 

    Part of what makes your trips out on the water so great is making sure you have everything you will need to make it as enjoyable as possible. The right pontoon boat accessories can make your trip even better! 

    Some pontoon boat features are already great, but there are plenty of ways to really enhance your fun. You can look into practical accessories, like boat seat covers or pontoon boat lighting... or you can look at pontoon accessories that will really maximize your fun! Those are the products that we are going to focus on. 

    So, make sure the basics are covered with a pre-departure checklist, and then read on to find out what the best pontoon boat accessories are for maximum fun in 2022! Read before your next trip to the lake; you'll be glad that you did. 

    Boat Diving Board Fun

    We are going to waste no time in elevating your fun. Our personal top choice for best pontoon boat accessory is the Lillipad Boat Diving Board. If you really want to amp up the fun and excitement, this is it!

    The Lillipad Diving Board was specifically designed to be attached to and used on all boats, but it works absolutely perfectly on a pontoon boat! Its design includes a spring-action board that makes it possible for you to jump and dive off of it while keeping your boat from rocking. It's really amazing to see!

    The boat diving board design is so unique and safe that it even won the Innovation Award at the Miami International Boat Show. This is the creme de la creme of boat show awards, so you know that it is an excellent product. 

    This pontoon boat diving board will be your new favorite accessory for all of your adventures. Your only problem will be that everybody will want to use it! It really is incredible and with a capacity of 250 lbs, it's great fun for the whole family and people of all ages.

    On top of all of the fun, it's super simple to set up and takedown. You can easily remove the quick release pin to fold the board down, or you can unscrew the 3 eye bolts on the mount to remove it from your boat. 

    The Lillipad Boat Diving Board provides the kind of fun you can only dream of and will be reminiscing on for years to come. The memories you'll carry from jumping off a pontoon boat diving board with your loved ones will be priceless! 

    Inflatable Pontoon Slide

    Let's stay on that same idea of leaping off a boat into the water... instead of diving, this time we are going to slide! This is another great way to increase the fun factor on your pontoon boat, the Rave Pontoon Slide.

    This inflatable pontoon slide is another fun-enhancing pontoon accessory for your next trip out on the water. It can be enjoyed by people of all ages and it is easy to store and set up.

    The Rave Inflatable Pontoon Slide is made of heavy grade reinforced material and is anti-mold, anti-mildew, and anti-UV fading so your slide is built to last. It's designed with fun, bright colors and designs and is sure to catch the eye of other boaters.

    Included with the inflatable pontoon slide is a 12v high-pressure inflator, so you will have an easy time setting it up on your boat and inflating it. The inflator comes with alligator clips that connect to your pontoon boats' battery for easy use. 

    There are molded steps leading to the top of the slide and handles on each side once you get there to ensure everyone climbs up and slides down as safely as possible. You will enjoy a smooth ride down the 9-foot slide and splash right into the water... it's a boatload of fun!

    This slide is also designed with two air chambers to center the slider in the middle of the water slide. This will ensure you don't fall off the sides as you plummet down into the water.

    Your whole family will be able to enjoy a pontoon slide again and again for years to come, so it's a timeless and worthy investment. We've been using ours for several years and we don't have any plans to stop!

    Inflatable Dock 

    We've talked about diving, sliding, and splashing, but I know there is something else that we all really enjoy about a day on the water... relaxing!

    When you think of a day out on the water, you may often imagine yourself lounging and relaxing in the sun. You can make this a reality on your next day out with an inflatable dock. 

    Nothing beats finding the perfect spot out on the water and pausing your adventure to sunbathe and chill for a while. The Island Hopper Patio Dock is the perfect pontoon accessory to make your biggest relaxation dreams come to life!

    You can also use the inflatable dock as a water sports, snorkeling, or diving home base. Keep your extra gear, boards, balls, and more on the inflatable dock and the inflatable gives you a handy storage area and provides you with something easy to hold on to for a rest.

    This inflatable dock is a good size and can accommodate up to 2,000 pounds and 10 people! So there's plenty of room for all your friends and family to enjoy it at the same time. It's sturdy and buoyant, so it won't feel flimsy or weak while you sit on it.

    Unbelievably, it's even sturdy enough to strap lounge chairs to if you want a sturdy seat. You can also attach a cooler to it for easy access to drinks and snacks while you're laying out on your dock. Want to bring your dog along? Perfect, tell Sparky he's about to have a day full of fun too!

    For added performance and safety this inflatable dock features a soft non-slip EVA foam surface. This makes it easy to walk on, comfortable to lounge on, and easy to get in and out of the water.

    This is not some cheap, flimsy product; the Island Hopper Patio Dock is built to last! It's made of heavy-duty 1500 Denier drop stitch material and is heat welded, so you're guaranteed a durable, long-lasting, and reliable item. 

    It's also a breeze to carry this accessory around and set up. It features six convenient straps that make it easy to roll up, secure, store, or carry around to your next pontoon boat adventure. When you are boating to and from, you can either roll up the inflatable dock and store it, or have it fully inflated and strapped to the side.

    The inflatable dock comes with a 15 PSI auto-set electric power pump, so you can easily set your inflatable dock up whenever and wherever you want. We are so confident about the quality of this dock that it also comes with a 5-year no seam blowout warranty, the best you'll find for inflatable docks. 

    The Island Hopper Patio Dock is the real deal when maximizing your relaxation and your fun. You can have all of the fun under the sun, or chillax to the max!

    Water Sports - Paddle Sports Rack

    Boating is a lot of fun. Water sports and paddle sports are a lot of fun. But what if you can do both? Well, good news, you can!

    One of our favorite things to do when boating is to "cove-out." Just drop an anchor and hang out on the boat and in the water near the boat. This is when we use our Lillipad Diving Board, Rave Pontoon Slide, Island Hopper Patio Dock, and more. 

    One of the things we like to bring along is our kayak or paddleboard. Now we can enjoy paddling around, visit other boaters, and really seize the day! This is why people keep coming back for more... there isn't enough time to cram all of the fun in.

    When you add a paddleboard or kayak rack to your pontoon, you can easily bring the paddling fun with you. Easy to set up and extremely convenient, this is an easy way to add to the fun.

    Pontoon Thruster

    Everything thing that we have mentioned so far has been based on maximizing your fun. One thing you have to do to make sure you have a great day is to keep the captain happy. The captain is in charge and you don't want to mess up his/her day!

    We recently added the Sideshift Pontoon Thruster to our boat and it really helps when docking the boat. This retractable thruster will make parking much easier! Any captain of a pontoon boat will appreciate this addition. 

    When it is windy, the current is fast, or tides are changing this pontoon thruster really helps out. We also like that we don't look silly when parking in the wind while people are watching. We look like a pro every time!

    Buy Your Pontoon Boat Accessories Today

    Now that we have given you our go-to pontoon boat accessories, you can get out on the water and crank up the fun and relaxation. Our main goal at Splashy McFun is to maximize your fun. We don't want to show you something that hasn't been tried and tested or doesn't meet our standards. When we are enjoying a day on the pontoon, we want all of the fun, all of the relaxation, and all of the convenience.

    We would be happy to answer any questions that you have and help you get the best pontoon boat accessories for the best days on the water! Contact us here and we will be in touch. Thanks for reading and we hope to hear from you soon!


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