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  • The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Under Water Scooter

    by Ringo Ladue April 27, 2020 5 min read

    The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Under Water Scooter

    The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Under Water Scooter

    You may have thought about it numerous times, but you never took the final step in buying your own underwater scooter. After winter subsides and spring arises, it's time to plan for an epic summer of fun. One of the best ways to enhance your summer fun is with an awesome underwater scooter. If you're ready to learn about the joys and benefits of the best underwater scooters, you've come to the right place.

    Read on and discover the ultimate guide in buying a sea scooter that you can use at the lake, at the river, in your pool, or when you go snorkeling or diving. A snorkeling or diving excursion never looked so good as it does when you are on an underwater scooter. Can life ever be as enjoyable as when effortlessly pulled through the water taking in the sights and sea life? I submit that it may not.


    Under Water Scooters

    When you're ready to ride the waves, snorkel, or dive under the surface of the water, it’s time to consider a premium underwater scooter. There's nothing better than the feeling of being able to explore underwater hideaways for snorkelers. It's the feeling the sea scooter snorkelers get as they seek and find sea animals in their underwater explorations that keep them coming back for more.  

    Many of the high-quality underwater scooters are in the price range of $450 - $2,000. If you're a water enthusiast, you know every dollar is well spent. There’s nothing like having fun on the water with marine equipment and products that work flawlessly and add to an enjoyable experience.

    Finding water scooters that can stand the test of time while maintaining their quality is sometimes a challenging task. There are some tips you can use when determining what criteria should guide you when purchasing an underwater scooter. 


    Buying the Best Sea Scooters

    Almost everyone uses the terms underwater scooter and sea scooter interchangeably. But there are some underwater scooters you never want to call by anything other than their brand name because they are that good. The Yamaha Sea Scooter is a case in point.

    The Nautica Navtech1, Nautica J-Class, ScubaJet and Yamaha Seawing II are so good they may have broken the mold. Because these sea scooters are considered top-tier their names do sound somewhat similar but each one brings you something unique. 


    The Yamaha Seawing II Sea Scooter

    In the recreational dive series, Yamaha offers you the Seawing II. It gives you a powerful performance through its dual-motor system. You smoothly glide and propel through the water at up to 5 MPH. 

    What's more, this underwater scooter offers a lithium-Ion battery pack that powers up your sea scooter’s dual motors for up to 40 minutes underwater. What's even better is you can recharge it in as little as three hours.


    The Nautica Navtech1 Sea Scooter

    The leader of the underwater scooters may be the Nautica Navtech1. It's considered a flagship scooter because its best in class in power and speed. But it's also an adaptable scooter that both recreational and professional divers can use effectively. 

    The flagship scooter has over 500 watts of power and can go up to 4.35M MPH. An enticing benefit is you can spend ninety minutes on the Navtech1 with one charge, and it's rated for 135 feet. You have three levels of rotational speed control with an exemplary and accurate flood prevention system.


    The Nautica Marine 300 Sea Scooter

    The Nautica Marine 300 Sea Scooter is a perfect combination of value and performance. This is a sea scooter that's lightweight, powerful, and versatile. You can go to a depth of 100 feet with a two rotational speed control sea scooter. Recreational divers will rarely find anything as powerful that gives you such a high-quality and seamless ride.

    You can use it for up to 90 minutes, and it will go about 3MPH. An added benefit is that it's impact-resistant and has a waterproof construction, so you never have to deal with accidental flooding.

    Nautica gives you four different models of the Marine Series and a variety of other models.


    The Nautica Marine Sea Scooters

    In the world of sea scooters, there's the in-between world. This in-between world consists of those who enjoy using their scooters for speed and power combined with those who like them for recreational diving, and those who like value. That's why the Nautica Marine Sea Scooters offers four different, versatile, and targeted scooters to meet all wants and needs. 

    All of the water scooters offer high performance no matter which one you select. Once you select you'll be able to live out your passion for the water through the unique components and benefits each of them offers.


    UPDATE: Yamaha Jet Pod Pro Sea Scooter introduced

    Editors Update Nov. 2021: Yamaha created a fantastic new sea scooter that is great for users of all skill levels. The Yamaha Jet Pod Pro is compact, lightweight, and is the fastest sea scooter to date. This might be our new favorite sea scooter! From convenience to performance this sea scooter is the total package.

    Yamaha Jet Pod Pro Sea Scooter for Sale banner

    Additional Feature: Yamaha GoPro Mount

    The Yamaha GoPro Mount gives you a present every time you use it. It has a GoPro Camera Mount on it so you can capture and record all your snorkeling or diving excursions. This is a sea scooter built so you can optimize any underwater excursion you want to take.


    Under Water Scooter Next Steps

    If there was ever a time when you need to get out and find your own underwater sanctuary, the time might be now. By using an underwater scooter to enjoy power, speed, aquatic life, and beauty, you're giving yourself a gift. It's called the gift of rejuvenation.

    When it's time to re-energize, discover, enjoy, or just seek a water-based sanctuary reach out to Splashy McFun. If water has always been one of your loves, know that Splashy McFun may love water even more. Spashy McFun was started so that they could bring the love of water and water adventure to everyone.

    Splashy McFun will help bring a water journey to you through diving, snorkeling, recreation, boating, and adventure. There aren't many things in life that offer us so much fun. We're all the better for knowing and having a premium place to go to find our first or next underwater scooter.


    Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Under Water Scooter Infographic

    Yamaha Sea Scooter Comparison Chart

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