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  • Best Water Trampolines for Summer Fun

    by Ringo Ladue April 07, 2024 6 min read

    Best Water Trampolines for Summer Fun

    Best Water Trampolines for Summer Fun

    Water activities are some of best ways to spend your summer vacation. Using a water trampoline is one of the most fun ways. But it would be best to have a quality water trampoline to ensure safety, which can be tricky to find.

    This article presents a compilation of the best water trampolines available. Find out what features and specs they have to offer. This will also discuss what factors to consider when choosing so you can easily find which is best for your summer needs. Enjoy the water and this summer with the best picks!


    Factors to Consider When Choosing Water Trampolines

    You need to consider important factors when choosing which water trampoline to purchase. Here are some of these factors:

    Water Trampoline vs. Water Bouncer

    All inflated tubs with bouncy materials in the center are called a water trampoline. They’re true water trampolines. They belong to a distinct subtype known as water bouncers, with the primary contrast in their construction. Trampolines have springs, while bouncers have nylon cords instead of springs. This means you can get more and higher bounce with a water trampoline.


    Most models require a depth of 8 to 10 feet for safe and proper use. They also need to be anchored, so check if your option has weights or anchor ropes that you can use. Also, follow the manufacturer’s instructions when setting one up and using it to ensure everyone’s safety. 

    Weight Limit

    Weight limits of these inflatables usually range from 500 to 1,000 lbs, or sometimes more. It’s best to get a model with a higher weight capacity, especially if many people use it simultaneously. This ensures that you can safely use it for a long time.


    Consider how many people will use the water trampoline. Aside from the weight limit, the number would also affect the trampoline size you should get. The more people, the larger you should get. However, take note that large trampolines will also require a lot of space, so consider the available space you have as well.

    5 Best Water Trampolines and Bouncers for a Fun Summer

    1. Island Hopper 15' Classic Water Trampoline

    Island Hopper Classic Water Trampoline on a lake

    The Island Hopper 15' Classic Water Trampoline is one of the best-selling trampolines. It can be safely used on the lake or ocean. Its size can accommodate several at once. The Island Hopper is one of the most reliable brands of inflatables. This assures that you and your family can have fun on the water like never before.

    One of the best features of this water trampoline is its durability. It’s made with a galvanized steel frame with 30 oz, 1,000 Denier UV-resistant material. It also has three separate air chambers for buoyancy and structural integrity. This design allows it to support the weight and the jumping, and the cover keeps the surface cool even on hot days. This way, you can make sure that this floating trampoline will last long and can be used safely for a long time.


    • Jumping Surface: 10 ft 
    • Inflated Dimensions: 15’ x 3’
    • Max Weight Capacities: 1,000 lbs
    • Water Depth Required: 8-10 ft


    • Heavy commercial construction
    • Comes with 7 anchor D-rings
    • Comes with 8 swimmer-assist handles
    • 700 PSI burst-strength polypropylene mat
    • Comes with a ladder, storage bag, and repair kit


    • Can be expensive

    2. Rave Sports Aqua Jump Eclipse Water Trampolines

    Rave Water Trampoline being used on a lake

    The Rave Aqua Jump Eclipse Water Trampoline is one of the safest and most responsive models, with 30% more jump space. You can get it in three different models or versions. It’s built with top engineering and premium quality commercial PVC material to ensure safety.

    The trampoline has a high-speed inflator/deflator to make setup and takedown easier and faster. This means you can have more time to have fun on the water. An anchor connector kit is also included to ensure your safety while using it. You even get several attachments to create your own water park at home.


    • Jumping Surface: 44 sq. ft (Jump 120), 65 sq. ft (Jump 150), 124 sq. ft (Jump 200)
    • Inflated Dimensions: 12'2" x 2'2" (Jump 120), 14'11" x 3' (Jump 150), 18'11" x 3' (Jump 200)
    • Max Weight Capacities: 500 lbs (Jump 120), 700 lbs (Jump 150), 1,050 lbs (Jump 200)
    • Water Depth Required: 10 ft


    • All versions come with inflatable ladders
    • Set up takes an average of 40 minutes
    • Available in two color schemes
    • Optimized for ponds and lakes
    • Supported by a limited lifetime warranty
    • Comes with a lot of built-in springs for consistent jumps


    • Its largest version can be pretty heavy at 215 lbs

    3. Island Hopper Bounce N Splash Water Bouncer

    Island Hopper Water Bouncer used on a lake

    The Island Hopper Bounce N Splash Water Bouncer is a good option for a unique water trampoline design. It has an enhanced springless design and nylon webbing for a reliable, responsive jumping surface. It’s also made with a durable PVC material. This can withstand tough conditions and climate. You can use it at the beach, lake, or wherever you’ll have your vacation.

    This water trampoline also has UV-resistant padding for extra safety, especially for kids. Its swimmer assist handles are also easily accessible, so you can have fun or relax in the water whenever you want. Most importantly, you can get this bouncer in three different versions with different sizes.


    • Jumping Surface: 7 ft 6in, 10 ft, 13ft
    • Inflated Dimensions: 10’ x 23” (10ft version), 13’ x 26” (13ft version), 17’ x 36” (17ft version)
    • Max Weight Capacities: 1,000 lbs (17ft version)
    • Minimum Water Depth Required: 8 ft


    • Comes with 3 inside, 3 under tube anchor D-rings
    • 10 minutes inflation
    • Comes with a ladder, carry bag, and repair kit
    • No springs offer added safety


    • Doesn’t initially come with a slide


    4. Rave Sports Bongo Water Bouncer

    The Rave Sports Bongo Water Bouncer is a high-performing inflatable water bouncer for fun summer activities. It’s a springless, octagonal inflatable bouncer made of heavy-duty PVC. It features a nylon web jump surface directly attached to the frame, making it durable for jumping and relaxing moments.

    The tubes of the bouncer are also treated with UV protection. This can prevent mold and mildew growth. Even the whole unit has a UV coating to prevent fading. In terms of safe anchoring, this water bouncer has an anchor connector to keep it in place. You can get this bounce in four different sizes.


    • Jumping Surface: 34 sq. ft (Bongo 10), 66 sq. ft (Bongo 13), 81 sq. ft (Bongo 15), 169 sq. ft (Bongo 20)
    • Inflated Dimensions: 10' x 26" (Bongo 10), 12'6" x 26" (Bongo 13), 15'6" x 36" (Bongo 15), 19' x 36" (Bongo 20)
    • Max Weight Capacities: 500 lbs (Bongo 10), 700 lbs (Bongo 13), 1,050 lbs (Bongo 15), 1,500 lbs (Bongo 20)
    • Water Depth Required: 8 ft


    • All versions are suitable for kid and adult use
    • All versions come with ladders
    • The largest size can be set up within a maximum of 35 minutes
    • Lightweight and durable
    • High-speed inflator/deflator
    •  Limited lifetime warranty


    • Other attachments are sold separately

    5. Island Hopper Lakeside Water Bouncer With Slide

    Island Hopper Lakeside Water Bouncer Park

    The Island Hopper Lakeside Water Bouncer is a great choice for ramping up the fun. The 15ft size is a nice middle-sized bouncer with fun lakeside graphics. Springless design that is great for bouncing, playing games, and relaxing on the water.

    It is easy to set up and a 6-step easy access ladder is included. The surrounding protective padding is UV-resistant.  The water bouncer features heavy duty 30oz 1000 Denier PVC material. It is built to last so that your fun doesn't stop for years.


    • Jumping Surface: 13 ft
    • Inflated Dimensions: 17’ x 36”
    • Max Weight Capacities: 600 lbs
    • Minimum Water Depth Required: 8 ft


    • Safe for ages 6 and above
    • Spring-free 
    • Lightweight and durable
    • Colorful design that also blends in


    • Limited matching attachements



    Water trampolines are some of the best inflatables that can make water activities a blast. When it's hot out in the summer, you can use them to bounce on the water or relax in it. There are lots of different trampolines to choose from, so you can find one that fits your whole family. 

    Check out the top choices listed above for some ideas! But if you want more, you can visit and check out our water trampoline and bouncer collection.

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