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  • Key Features of a Water Trampoline for Lake Use

    by Nathan Rowan May 20, 2024 4 min read

    Key Features of a Water Trampoline for Lake Use

    Water trampolines are buoyant inflatables specifically designed for water recreational activities. Although they resemble and work like traditional land trampolines, lake-use water trampolines have some different qualities. They’re made to be used on water surfaces only, like lakes. This makes it necessary for you to know what product features to look for in a water trampoline. 

    In this article, you’ll learn about them. Find out what key features a water trampoline for a lake should have. What characteristics and qualities should you look for? At the same time, learn how water trampolines and water bouncers differ. Use this to make an informed decision when buying your own water trampoline. 


    Water Trampolines vs. Water Bouncers

    Before buying, you must understand that water trampolines and bouncers are two different things. Although both are designed for water use, they have varying features. Water trampolines are like land trampolines. A steel frame supports their jump mats or surfaces. These frames have steel springs inside to provide bounce. They also have inflatable tubes that allow the whole unit to float in the water. 

    Water bouncers, on the other hand, don’t have springs. But, they have stretches of webbed nylon mesh that attach the bouncy surfaces to their inflatable frames. This results in them having less bounce than water trampolines. 


    Key Features of a Good Water Trampoline for Lake

    When looking for a good water trampoline to buy for some summer lake fun, make sure to look for these key features: 

    High Durability

    Water trampolines and water bouncers, in general, are made to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. These include rain, wind, and sunshine. To ensure high durability, make sure that the water trampoline is made of high-quality materials. This will allow them to withstand hot and cold temperatures and be used in freshwater—the lake. 

    PVC is considered to be a high-quality material for water trampolines. Specifically, the 1000 denier material is a popular material for high-quality inflatables. To ensure that you can use your trampoline for a long time, look for one made with PVC and with seams reinforced with an effective glue bond. 

    Easy Setup

    Most water trampolines require very little assembly. The best ones can be set up within 30 to 40 minutes, depending on their size. This makes them easy to set up and take down as well. If you prefer less set-up time, water bouncers would be a better type to get since they don’t have the metal frame assembly of water trampolines. Most models indicate their set-up time, so make sure to check this specification when choosing. It would also be best if they come with a pump for easy inflation and deflation. 

    Right Size 

    The best water trampoline is one with enough space for everyone who will use it. Water trampolines can have diameters of 10 feet up to 25 feet. At the same time, their heights can be as high as 42 inches off the water’s surface, which would be a good height for jumping in. 

    To get the right size, consider how many people will likely use it at the same time. For example, a mid-size trampoline or bouncer can accommodate 3 to 5 adults. The bigger the size, the higher the capacity. Make sure to check how big their jumping surface is as well.  

    However, take note that the size will also affect the weight. The bigger the water trampoline or bouncer you get, the heavier they will be. If you want a highly portable unit, go for smaller sizes and mid-sizes. The size will also affect the unit’s price tag so keep that in mind as well. 

    High Weight Capacity

    Water trampolines and bouncers have indicated weight limits. This is the maximum weight they can safely support and hold. Bouncers typically can hold up to a max of 500 lbs. This is usually equivalent to two to three children bouncing or two to three adults lounging on the unit. 

    Meanwhile, water trampolines have higher capacities. They can support 500 to up to 2,000 lbs. This makes them more suitable for multiple jumping kids and adults at once. 

    If you’ll be using it with your family and friends, get a water trampoline with a high weight limit. But if you’re buying one just for kids, a bouncer with a max of 500-lb capacity would be enough. 


    Most trampolines come with anchorage kits. The right type of anchorage to use depends on many factors. These include water depth, type of waterbed, water currents in the lake, and the wind conditions in your area. 

    To ensure that your trampoline is safely anchored and secured in place, an anchor of 150 lbs would be enough. The kit should also come with attachments to ensure that the trampoline will not move from its place. It’s best to avoid bell anchors as well as they can sometimes drag along the surface of the waterbed.

    Safety Features

    Aside from the anchors and weight capacity, a good water trampoline should come with other safety features to ensure everyone’s safety on the water. Safety nets and handles around the trampoline are some of the best features. These will allow users to enjoy both the lake and trampoline at the same time. 

    Accessories and Attachments

    Water trampolines and bouncers are more convenient and fun to use with accessories and attachments. There are different kinds of accessories that you can add to your trampoline for more fun times on the water, especially for kids. These can include other inflatables like slides, ladders, logs, and even blast bags. However, take note that most of the time, these attachments are only included in more expensive water trampolines.  



    The best water trampoline for lake use is one that’s durable, safe, easy, and fun to use. Make sure that these qualities are evident in your preferred water trampoline’s features. At the same time, think about what features you like to enjoy and how much are you willing to spend on a high-quality unit. You can also visit and check out our water trampoline collection for some of the best options. 

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