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  • 9 Best Watersports Activities to Enjoy this Summer

    by Ringo Ladue April 03, 2020 9 min read

    9 Best Watersports Activities to Enjoy this Summer

    9 Best Watersports Activities to Enjoy this Summer

    Summer is just around the corner. It won't be long until you're once again headed out to your favorite lake, river, or ocean. But this year, you want to do more than just sit in a boat, swim, or hang on the beach; you want to participate in some water sports games. 

    That's why you're here. You're looking for exciting water sports toys to enhance your fun, right? Fortunately, we are here to provide them to you. We want you to maximize your summer fun so that you can make awesome memories with family and friends that will last a lifetime.

    Every summer there are always a wide variety of new water toys introduced. We are here to help you separate the great water sports toys from the ones that won't meet your standards for BIG fun. Without further ado, here are the 9 best water sports toys and activities to enjoy on the lake this summer.

    1. Water Trampolines

    For whatever reason, most human beings are born with the irresistible urge to launch themselves high into the air and also to splash into water. Odds are, you're no exception. 

    For this reason, you should consider combining those thrilling activities by purchasing a water trampoline! Water trampolines are fairly straightforward: they're buoyant, floating trampolines that rest on the surface of the water, allowing their users to jump up and down in the middles of lakes, oceans, and rivers. In addition to acting as fun jumping devices, they can also be used as springboards for cannonballs, dives, and other splash-centric maneuvers. 

    Water trampolines are available at several price points and can cost you up to several thousand dollars for the largest models. Note, though, that these water trampolines are very high quality and extremely durable. So, the cost of the fun you have on your water trampoline will be spread out over several summers of use. 

    2. Kayaks

    Another watersport that you might enjoy is kayaking. Kayaks are small, paddle-driven, and can maneuver through tight areas that you otherwise may not be able to reach. With 1 person kayaks, 2 person kayaks, and even 3 person kayaks, you are sure to agree that  kayaks are terrific for bringing friends and family together on the water. 

    A newer sensation in the kayak market is the inflatable kayak. Buying an inflatable kayak gives you the advantage of owning a kayak that is easy to store and easy to transport. There are a variety of inflatable kayak models, including the fantastic inflatable fishing kayak. The best inflatable kayaks are extremely high-quality, extremely durable, and just as high performing as a traditional kayak. 

    You can choose from a wide variety of kayak designs at a wide range of prices. The cheapest kayaks are available for as little as a few hundred dollars. The most expensive kayaks can cost you up to several thousands of dollars. The kayaks on the higher end of the spectrum are generally very high quality, tough as nails, and sure to stand the test of time, whether it is a traditional or inflatable kayak.

    Whether you're looking for a leisurely ride across the lake, hoping to challenge somebody to a race, searching for an exciting new way to fish the hard to reach spots, or looking to set out on an adventure; kayaks will serve you well.

    3. Boating Tubes

    One of the most popular lake activities is tubing. This is an activity wherein an inflatable towable tube is pulled behind a boat at medium-high speeds. Meanwhile, the participant (or two or three and often times even more) holds onto the boating tube while riding in a seated position or on their stomach, for a thrilling ride.

    You can have easy, lower speed boating tube rides for beginners that are still a lot of fun. If you are more advanced you can go for a higher speed ride on your towable boat tube. Now you and your friends can watch while each tuber does his or her best to combat choppy and uneven waters while experiencing some extreme water fun! 

    To engage in this activity, you'll need both a heavy-duty towable tube and a boat that can reach mid to high speeds. A boat tube can be purchased for a couple hundred dollars up to around a couple of thousand dollars. There are a wide range of boating tubes to choose from including Banana Boat Tubes, you will learn more about those below.

    4. Snorkeling

    Another activity you might consider partaking in is snorkeling. Snorkeling enables you to see what's going on beneath the surface of the lake, giving you the chance to find lost treasures and see a wide variety of fish playing in their natural habitat. 

    To snorkel successfully, you'll need a snorkel and a mask. You can buy the latter for $10 to $50 and a normal snorkel can cost approximately the same. If you want to step your game up with an advanced snorkel, check out the Ameo Powerbreather. 

    In most cases, snorkeling is a laid-back and relaxing activity in which you glide along the top of the water or just below. However, another popular option is to make a game out of it by throwing items into the water and competing to see who can pick up the most. You may also want to try snorkeling while using an under water scooter, we're going to tell you more about those below!

    5. Boat Diving Board

    The Lillipad Diving Board is the only diving board specifically designed to be a diving board for boats. This boat diving board mounts onto almost any boat and is most often used as a pontoon boat diving board as well as on cruisers, house boats, and yachts.

    The spring diving board design ensures that as you jump off the diving board the boat amazingly doesn't move. All of the pressure is through the spring and gives you a big bounce for your jump while others can relax and enjoy the sun on the boat.

    It's high performance and unique design has been noted by many and made the Lillipad Diving Board an Innovation Award Winner at the prestigious Miami International Boat Show. If you are really looking to maximize your recreational boating experience look no further than Lillipad Boat Diving Board. We promise you will quickly join the list of extremely satisfied users!

    6. Banana Boat Tubes

    If you have a particularly large group of people, you should give some consideration to a banana boating. A banana boat tube is a long, inflatable, banana-shaped raft that is straddled and ridden similar to the way you would ride a horse. Like other inflatable boat tubes, banana boat tubes are pulled behind boats. 

    You can find banana boat tubes from around $700 up to around $2,500. Banana tubes are available in different sizes, from 3 passengers all the way up to 14. There are in-line seating options as well as side by side banana tubes.  For extra fun, some banana boat rides are offered in alternative designs.  We recommend your check out the Island Hopper Whale Ride and Red Shark Banana Boat Rides, with names like those, you can imagine the fun to be had!

    This is more of a fun group activity than it is a sport. A banana boat ride can handle choppy waters with much more grace than other boating tubes. As such, those who ride them are much less prone to falling off, but they will still get a thrilling ride. 

    7. Paddleboarding

    Wouldn't it be cool to walk on water? With a paddleboard you can almost get that experience, but there is a whole lot more fun to be had. Paddleboards are shaped similar to surfboards but are designed to provide their riders with the best balance possible at all times. They are available in both the traditional model as well as the hotly trending inflatable paddle boards.

    Unlike surfing, this is a slow, laid-back activity. Using a paddle, you will push yourself further out onto the water. You can do this while standing or while sitting down. When standing you'll be able to look straight down into the water and see some cool sights.  Sitting down allows you to take it easy and relax, some paddleboards are even designed for fishing.  Paddleboard fishing allows a unique fishing opportunity and allows you to get to spots on the water that may not be accessible by other means.

    Inflatable paddle boards are a fantastic way to enjoy paddleboarding without the hassle of hauling and storing your board.  These inflatable SUPs are of high quality, are extremely durable, and are high performing.  These aren't flimsy inflatables, they feature drop stitch flooring that provides similar rigidity to a traditional paddleboard.

    Paddleboards cost several hundred dollars up to a couple thousand. You can find cheaper models for as low as $300. However, the high-quality models will show their value, provide a better experience, and are the better choice in the long run. 

    8. Inflatable Water Slides

    Inflatable water slides make having a tremendously fun water slide convenient and cost effective.  There are both inflatable pontoon boat slides as well as inflatable dock slides. Both will keep the fun going and some can even be used interchangeably.

    Inflatable pontoon water slides are an exciting addition to your boat.  They are easy to set up, fun to use, and easy to store. Boating and swimming are fun on their own, but adding an inflatable water slide to the mix will maximize your fun on the water like never before.

    An inflatable dock slide will take those days hanging out dockside at the lake to the next level. These water slides are quick to setup and can easily be stored. A fun time mixed together with high quality construction and an eye-grabbing design will make you the talk of the lake.

    Inflatable water slides are available for a little over $400 and can be moved from place to place with ease. Regardless of the dimensions of your pontoon or dock, you will be accommodated. These water slides are high quality and will have you sliding and coming back for more.

    Note, these water slides aren't just an activity for kids. Adults can have a lot of fun with it as well!

    9. Under Water Scooters

    The last watersport activity for you to enjoy this summer that we're going to discuss is under water scooters. This is an activity wherein you ride on a water-borne, battery-powered dive propulsion vehicle under or on the surface of the lake, river, or ocean. It's a fun way to quickly get from place to place, explore new adventures, and see different aquatic creatures. 

    What might surprise you about underwater scooters is that they're actually quite affordable. You can find a good one for as little as $450, higher quality models will cost up to $2,000.

    So make your purchase, grab a pair of goggles, and take to the lake. You'll be enjoying a fun cruise to wherever you want to go, and you will get there in no time. You will also conserve energy, which can lead to even longer journey's!

    In Need of Water Sports Games Equipment?

    Now that you've learned of some fun water sports games, you might be on the search for relevant equipment. If so, you needn't look any further. SplashyMcFun has you covered. 

    We sell everything from inflatable boats to kayaks to boat tubes and more. Contact Us if you have any questions, we would be glad to help. We are here to make sure that this summer is your best summer yet! 

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