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  • Underwater Scooters: Everything You Need to Know

    Underwater Scooters: Everything You Need to Know. We see the bottom of an ocean with tropical fish swimming above a reef. The water is blue and you can see sunshine lighting the area.

    Do you want to know more about underwater scooters? We have the perfect article for you to discover everything you need to know about underwater scooters and how you will benefit from using one.


    Did you know that you can add around 9 miles per hour to your next scuba trip!? Now you can go into your own unchartered territories to see things that you otherwise may not be able to. Imagine yourself effortlessly gliding through the water on epic underwater adventures...

    Sounds fun, right? 

    You should be considering underwater scooters to add to your arsenal of water toys! An underwater scooter will open up doors of fun for you and your water loving friends. 

    Do you want to know more? Then keep reading so you can find out everything you need to know about underwater scooters; and a little extra too! 


    What Are Underwater Scooters? 

    Underwater scooters go by a few other names also: sea scooters, DPVs (diver propulsion vehicles), or aqua scooters to name a few. Call them what you like, but the truth remains, that they will quickly maximize your fun! 

    With the use of underwater scooters, divers, snorkelers, and recreational sea visitors can move more quickly and effectively through the water. Operate them in lakes, the open ocean, and swimming pools. Both adults and children will enjoy them, and some versions can even be added as surfboard attachments.

    Basically, underwater scooters are there to help you exert less energy while swimming and get more bang for your buck by spending more time under the surface while covering a further distance. 


    When Should You Use a Sea Scooter?

    There are so many different types of adventures that you can do with an underwater scooter! They are available with a wide range of features and pricing. Some models even have a built in GoPro attachment so that you can record your adventures!

    There is an underwater scooter for everyone. whether you're touring a 500-foot-long ship in 150 feet of water while scuba diving, snorkeling with a school of tropical fish, or just some general assistance to make your adventures easier, more enjoyable, and longer lasting.

    Snorkelers along the shoreline or scuba divers navigating a sizable wreck, reef, or underwater cavern can both use underwater scooters. For a beach dive, underwater scooters are a great option because you won't use up as much energy and oxygen just getting there. 

    Your underwater scooter can pull you along with no effort.


    How Do They Work? 

    Underwater scooters are virtually always powered by rechargeable batteries. A simple propeller system provides forward propulsion, typically employing one or two propellers situated at the scooter's rear.

    An underwater scooter doesn't normally move very quickly, which makes them simple to handle and eliminates some of the laborious diving tasks. Additionally, if the throttle is not engaged, sea scooters halt, so if you let go, the DPV won't float away.


    How Do You Operate Underwater Scooters? 

    The propulsion system of an underwater scooter allows the rider to go swiftly through the water. It runs on batteries, and the runtime can vary from 30 minutes to over an hour depending on the battery capacity and the weight being towed. You will quickly find that operating an underwater scooter is easy to do:

    1. You will grip the handlebars with both hands
    2. The scooter's on and off switch and throttle are also normally located on the handlebars
    3. Take off using the gear shifter that is normally on the opposite side of the power switch
    4. Don't let go, use your body movements as a steering mechanism, and take in the sights
    5. Simply move towards where you want to go 

    With the different options of underwater scooters that you get, you can find a ride that is comfortable for you. Ride at the speed that you are comfortable with and remember to be aware of the area that you are exploring and stay safe. 


    Underwater Scooter Safety 

    When participating in any form of water-based activity, safety should always come first. To get the most out of your underwater scooter, it may be beneficial to take a DPV course before your first dive.

    Water scooter building techniques, DPV pre-dive inspection protocols, and DPV diving techniques can all be learned. When using a DPV for the ascent, one must exercise extreme caution. To prevent decompression sickness, you should always go slowly. You shouldn't dive deeper than you would without a DPV, especially when snorkeling or freediving.

    Pre-dive scooter checks are just as important as the more traditional equipment checks. To prevent water damage, make sure the housing is properly fastened. Make sure the battery is fully charged. In order to get to the surface, your scooter should be lifting you, not the other way around. If you go scuba diving, you should always go with a buddy. Tandem their scooters back up to the surface to take a closer, safer look if yours breaks down.

    Be mindful of other divers and marine animals when using an underwater scooter; the water scooter itself can make sounds that may scare them away.


    Owning an Underwater Scooters Can Make Your Adventures Safer

     Just by using an underwater scooter on your excursions you will find safety benefits. If you are diving this is especially true, because it can allow you to get the surface quicker in the event that you have a malfunction with your air intake. Being able to go into new areas is a great benefit of an underwater scooter, but being able to get out of a dangerous area is an often overlooked benefit.

    Whether you are in shark infested waters or just a change seeing a change in the tide or current, you can get out of trouble much quicker and easier.


    Always Shop Around! 

    There are so many underwater scooters on the market, it's always good to shop around. Have a look at a sea scooter guide and read up on what to look for when buying a sea scooter. 

    You might know what you want to use our new water toy for so it's good to talk to someone who can give you good advice on which models to consider. 

    If you're a water novice then you might want to consider an underwater scooter model that is slower and easier to drive. Those who've been diving for a long time and are very comfortable in the depths might want to consider faster models with more power. 

    Remember though, one of the key things to keep in mind is that your sea scooter will require maintenance so be sure to stay on top of it so your device does not fail you at a critical moment. 


    Your Underwater Scooter Guide

    Underwater scooters are meant to be a whole bucket load of fun! Remember though, as with any machinery and water combined, to stay safe and to respect your equipment. 

    Always be sure to teach those who will use your scooter properly and ensure that they understand the safety behind the machine. Rather take the time to teach them in depth how to use it and leave them with no room for doubt. 

    Did you enjoy this article?

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    Please contact us with any questions. We are always happy to help and want to make your next adventure your best yet. Thanks for reading.


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