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  • 13 Best Underwater Scooters In 2024

    by Ringo Ladue February 25, 2024 11 min read

    Best Underwater Scooters

    An underwater scooter is a sure-fire way to upgrade your water sports activities. It’s perfect for cruising across the water's surface or going on deep scuba diving adventures. However you want to use it, it’s essential to find the best model to use. But with so many options available, the choose can be overwhelming.

    That’s why we have compiled the best underwater scooters in the market for you. In this guide, you will discover the features and benefits they offer. At the same time, you will learn the factors to consider to be able to choose and get the best water scooter for your needs. Sea scooters are expected to explode in popularity over the next 5 years, so we want to make sure you are prepared for the fun!


    Top 13 Underwater Scooter Picks for 2024

    Here are some of the best underwater scooters you can choose from.

    1. Nautica Skipper Sea Scooter

    Boy uses and Nautica Skipper under water scooter to glide through the water.

    The Nautica Skipper Sea Scooter is one of the most reliable models in the market— kids can use it safely. Whether for scuba diving or snorkeling, this scooter can be used near the surface for steady propulsion or safe underwater exploration.

    It has a strong battery with a long battery life and is easily maneuverable. You can use in almost any body of water; ocean, lake, river, pond, pool, etc. It features an automatic shutoff when the triggers are released, so you will never lose it in the water.


    • Speed: 2 mph
    • Endurance Time: 90 minutes
    • Weight: 11 lbs
    • Depth: 5 meters or 15 feet


    • It’s easy to handle and wouldn’t tire you out
    • It comes with a built-in camera mount
    • It’s great for both kids and other beginners
    • It’s affordable 


    • Available in one color only
    • Full charging can take about 7 to 8 hours

    2. Nautica Navigator Sea Scooter

    Nautica Navigator Sea Scooter sits by the water.

    The Nautica Navigator is another compact and user-friendly option. This is also recommended for kids because of its lightweight design and easy-to-grip handles. You, your family and friends can use it for exploring and snorkeling, it is fun for everybody.  If you’re looking for a device that will allow your kids to get started with fun water adventures, this is a great choice.

    It has a powerful propeller and motor that creates a steady thrust in the water. This will allow you to zip underwater comfortably and faster than an average adult swimmer. Like other Nautica products, this has a first-class battery that can run for a long time.


    • Speed: 2.5 mph
    • Endurance Time: 60 minutes
    • Weight: 11.4 lbs
    • Depth: 30 feet


    • It has an automatic shutoff feature 
    • It comes with a built-in camera mount
    • It has a water leakage sensor for easy maintenance
    • It’s suitable for both beginners and experienced users
    • It’s affordable 


    • Available in one color only
    • Full charging can take about 7 to 8 hours

    3. Sublue WhiteShark Mix

    Sublue WhiteShark Mix

    The Sublue WhiteShark Mix scooter is a popular choice in the market. It’s an ideal underwater propeller because of its lightweight and portability. It has a sleek yet fun design and is available in different colors, like white, aqua blue, and space blue. It’s also known for its sturdiness and powerful performance.

    This scooter has a dual motor design, allowing you to do different aquatic activities. Its floater is also easily removable, so you can move deep into the water. Its battery is waterproof. This allows you to use it however you want without damaging the scooter.


    • Speed: 1.5 m/s or 3.35 mph
    • Endurance Time: 30 minutes
    • Weight: 7.7 lbs (battery included)
    • Depth: 40 meters or 131 ft


    • It comes with a built-in camera mount
    • It’s easy to use and operate
    • It comes with extra batteries
    • It’s beginner-friendly and suitable for all ages


    • Full charging takes about 3.5 hours

    4. WINDEK Underwater Scooter

    WINDEK Underwater Scooter

    The WINDEK scooter is an easy-to-use propeller that boasts its speed. This is the main reason why experienced people prefer this scooter. You can simply press the button to start the scooter and release it to stop it. You can use this in swimming pools, ponds, lakes, and many other bodies of water.

    With its fast charging capabilities, you can charge it in just two hours. You will also get notified with a low-battery indication before it turns off. It’s also compact, so you can easily transport and hold it while having fun in the water.


    • Speed: up to 1.8 m/s or 4.02 mph
    • Endurance Time: 60 minutes
    • Weight: 7.7 lbs
    • Depth: 40 meters or 131 feet


    • It has a low-speed settings for kids use
    • It has built-in camera support
    • It’s lightweight
    • It uses two propellers for maximum power


    • It can be a bit pricey

    5. ScubaJet Pro Dive Scooter

    ScubaJet Dive Scooter going through the water on a scuba adventure.

    The ScubaJet Pro Dive Scooter is designed for adults and kids who love diving, snorkeling, and other water adventures. Great performance and speed with a tremdendous depth rating of up to 200 feet. It also has a quiet performance that makes it more enjoyable for your family and friends.

    It has a dual control handle with remote control and LED display. Battery options will allow you to get up to 4 hours of run time without using backups. Easily convert it into a SUP or Kayak Motor with the addition of an adapter.


    • Speed: up to 6.56 feet/second (4.5 mph)
    • Endurance Time: Up to 2 Hours
    • Weight: 9.3 lbs
    • Depth: Up to 200 feet


    • 200 foot Depth Rating
    • It’s fast and efficient because of its hydrodynamic design
    • Remote Control with LED display
    • It has an amazing battery life


    • Higher price point that most models

    6. NBJIALIN TD02 Underwater Scooter

    NBJIALIN TD02 Underwater Scooter

    The NBJIALIN Underwater Scooter will be a good option if you want a more professional-looking scooter. It’s specifically designed for free diving and snorkeling. It’s easy to use and maneuver, so you can explore underwater without scuba gear constraining you. This scooter is compact and portable, so it’s an ideal choice if you want one that you can easily travel with.


    • Speed: 2.2 mph
    • Endurance Time: 60 minutes
    • Weight: 8.8 lbs
    • Depth: Not Specified


    • It comes with a detachable handheld grip
    • It can be mounted on an SUP paddleboard or kayak
    • It comes with a built-in camera mount
    • It’s very affordable


    • Available in one color only
    • Not compatible with all stand-up paddleboards

    7. LEFEET S1 Pro Scooter

    LEFEET S1 Pro Scooter

    The LEFEET S1 Pro is one of the smallest underwater scooters on the market. Despite its size, it’s powerful and faster than most competitors in the same price range. You can use it for snorkeling and diving—even your kids can use it in the pool.

    It’s a modular water scooter with a lot of upgrades, such as attaching different accessories to unlock more possibilities. You can even attach another motor for increased power. You can also bring it anywhere as it can easily fit into your luggage.


    • Speed: 1.8 mph
    • Endurance Time: 70 minutes
    • Weight: 5 lbs
    • Depth: 40 meters or 131 feet


    • It has a modular design
    • It comes with three-speed modes
    • It has a wireless control function
    • It complies with airline policies
    • It has a one-handed control


    • Audio disturbance, unlike other scooters

    8. Nautica Marine 250 Sea Scooter

    Nautica Marine 250 Sea Scooter

    The Nautica Marine 250 is a recreational scooter with great runtime and speed. You can easily use it for your adventures at any experience level—beginner or not. It’s lightweight, so it’s easy to use underwater and transport. It will allow you to zip faster and more comfortably than an average swimmer. It automatically shuts off when its triggers are released to ensure it doesn’t swim away from you.


    • Speed: 2.5 mph
    • Endurance Time: 120 minutes
    • Weight: 17.8 lbs
    • Depth: 100 feet


    • It comes with a built-in camera mount
    • It has a deeper depth rating than other Nautica scooters on the list
    • It has a water leakage sensor for easy repairs


    • Available in one color only
    • Full charging can take about 5 to 7 hours

    9. Nautica J-Class Sea Scooter

    Nautica J-Class Sea Scooter

    The Nautica J-Class Sea Scooter is the first foldable scooter in the market. This patented design makes the scooter extremely portable and travel-friendly, even when traveling by airplane. It has a powerful operation that goes twice as fast as the average swimmer. It has three gears that you can use for any water activity. This is one of our staff's favorites!


    • Speed: 5 mph
    • Endurance Time: 40 minutes
    • Weight: 15 lbs
    • Depth: 130 feet


    • It’s easy to handle even underwater
    • It has a long battery life for long runtime
    • It offers superior safety with its automatic shutoff
    • It comes with Nautica’s water leakage sensor
    • It comes with a built-in camera mount


    • Available in one color only
    • Full charging can take about 3 to 4 hours

    10. Waydoo Subnado Underwater Scooter

    Waydoo Subnado Underwater Scooter

    The Waydoo Subnado scooter has a sleek and eye-catching design that will stand out underwater. It has a hydrodynamic build to ensure a smooth and efficient ride through the water. Its high-powered propeller offers a powerful thrust and speed for a fun time in the water. You can use it for exploring coral reefs, swimming with marine life, or leisurely snorkeling. This versatility makes it ideal for people who want to engage in different activities.


    • Speed: 3 mph
    • Endurance Time: 56 minutes
    • Weight: 3 lbs
    • Depth: 195 feet


    • It has a deep rating
    • It comes with safety features like automatic shutoff function
    • It can be used to boost paddle crafts
    • It’s extremely compact and portable


    • Some users report unsuitability for freediving

    11. CellBee Underwater Sea Scooter

    CellBee Underwater Sea Scooter

    The CellBee underwater scooter boasts a streamlined and symmetrical build. This makes it ideal to use in different sea activities. It’s easy to use and control even underwater, and you can easily adjust its speed settings with a press of a button. If you want a scooter for your kids, this would be a good option as it comes with a parent mode and a remote control for easier and safer control.


    • Speed: 2.7 mph
    • Endurance Time: 45 minutes
    • Weight: 6 lbs
    • Depth: 98 feet


    • Lightweight and easy to transport
    • Built-in speed regulator
    • Depth lighting function
    • Kid safety features


    • Lasts only 20 minutes in high-speed settings 

    12. Nautica Marlin Sea Scooter

    Nautica Marlin Sea Scooter

    The Nautica Marlin sea scooter is specifically designed to be used by both adults and children ages 8 and above. With its compact and lightweight design, your kids can handle and control it without a problem. It has a first-class battery that can last for a long time, so you can have lots of fun in the water. If you want to record your moments underwater, you can also mount a camera on its top so you can share your experiences later on.


    • Speed: 1 mph
    • Endurance Time: 60 minutes
    • Weight: 7.7 lbs (battery included)
    • Depth: up to 10 ft


    • It offers superior safety with its automatic shutoff
    • It comes with Nautica’s water leakage sensor
    • It has a portable design


    • Slow speed and depth rating than most scooters

    13. Tusa Sav7 EVO3 Scooter

    Tusa Sav7 EVO3 Scooter

    If you want a scooter that you can use hands-free, then the Tusa Sav7 EVO3 scooter is an ideal option. You can use it underwater without tiring yourself and your arms out. It also has precise speed adjustments that you can use even while in motion. It features an LED battery indicator, so you never run out of power while having fun. With its powerful design, it can even help pull up to three divers without a problem.


    • Speed: 2.8 mph
    • Endurance Time: Not Specified
    • Weight: 44 lbs
    • Depth: 230 feet


    • It has the highest depth rating on the list
    • The propeller is adjustable by both angle and pitch
    • It’s equipped with saddle wings for a more powerful performance


    • A bit pricey


    Things to Consider When Buying an Underwater Sea Scooter

    To make it easier for you to choose which underwater scooter to get, take note of these features, factors, and tips:

    Safety Features

    Safety should be a top priority when looking for a sea scooter, especially if you plan to let your kid use it. Look for safety features like caged propellers, automatic shutoff functions, comfortable grips, and more. This will help ensure you can avoid unforeseen accidents while in the water.

    Long Battery Life

    The battery life or indicated runtime of a scooter describes how long you can use the scooter in the water. Good underwater scooters usually last at least 30 minutes, while high-quality ones last more than 60 minutes.

    Aside from the runtime, check for the scooter’s charging time. Some models may come with spare batteries, so you don’t have to pause during your activities. But if you don’t want a separate battery, look for fast charging capabilities.

    Ease of Use

    A good scooter should be easy to use, even for kids and beginners. Some models are specifically designed for beginners, and some for those with advanced experience and skills. When choosing a suitable model, it’s best to consider how well you know how to handle and control a sea scooter. Check if they’re easy to turn on and off, charge, and maneuver. One way you can do this is by checking some customer reviews.

    Your Type of Water Activities

    Don’t forget to consider and think about this. You need to make sure that what you’ll get is suitable for the activity you want to do. You can ask yourself some questions for better reflection:

    • How deep in the water do you want to go? 
    • Is speed important? 
    • How often will you use it? 
    • In what body of water do you plan to use it? 

    These will help you find the most suitable model for your needs. This is important because you can’t use a scooter designed for saltwater in a freshwater environment. 


    It’s essential for a good water scooter to be lightweight and compact. You have to travel and pack your scooter for water activities. This alone makes it important for your scooter to be easy to store and carry. It would also be best if they’re approved by airlines if you plan on going for long trips.


    This is important if you don’t want to overspend on a sea scooter. In general, the price of these underwater scooters is based on many factors, like design, brand, and features. Most basic models can cost from $250 to $700. These are good and reliable enough for a wide range of water activities.

    But, more advanced models can cost more than $1,000. These are more suitable for people with a lot of experience and those who want a lot of adjustable and smart features with their scooters.

    Speed and Depth

    These are essential factors you need to consider as they will affect how well you can use it for your water activities. Some models have better speeds than others, while some have different mode speeds. If you want your kid to use it, look for a scooter with a low max speed.

    In terms of depth, check each model’s depth rating or limit. This is important if you plan to use the scooter for snorkeling, especially for beginners. If you want to explore the deep waters, use scooters that can go over 90 feet. But if you don’t have much experience in that level of depth, going for a more shallow limit would be enough.



    Underwater scooters are a must-have if you love doing different water activities. When choosing, make sure to check a scooter’s features, specifications, experience, and needs. For the best options, refer to the list above. If you want more options, you can visit our underwater scooter collection

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