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  • Water Scooters - All You Need To Know

    by Ringo Ladue March 03, 2024 10 min read

    Water Scooters: All You Need to Know

    Water Scooters - All You Need To Know

    Exploring coral reefs and discovering sea life is an excellent experience. As you explore further beneath the water's surface, you'll be captivated by the diverse marine life. However, a long dive can be tiresome and endurance is needed. Fortunately, extending your maximum time underwater is possible with water scooters.

    In this article, you will learn about the different types of sea scooters and how to choose the best one. Additionally, you'll discover how this equipment can aid in underwater navigation. So, if you want to know more about water scooters, continue reading.


    What is a Water Scooter?

    A girl swims with a dive propulsion vehicle.

    Water scooters help people move better by pulling them through the water. They go by a lot of names, like:

    • Underwater scooter
    • Seascooter
    • Scuba Scooter
    • Dive propulsion vehicle (DPV)

    Water scooters assist scuba divers, and snorkelers move faster underwater without exerting too much energy. You will cover greater distances without excessive breathing. They also make diving safer by giving you assisted propulsion, and since you will be breathing easier, your air tank will last longer.

    More skilled divers can use them for deeper, more efficient dives. Likewise, snorkeling and recreational exploring are also much better with the assistance of a water scooter.

    Brief History of Underwater Scooters

    Underwater scooters originated back in World War IIThe Italian Navy used them to help deploy torpedoes. They have been used since that time for military uses, diving, snorkeling, and other recreational water activities. You will find simple models for beginners up to some potent versions used by the military.

    In addition to fun uses, water scooters have also been used for some nefarious activities as well. One fugitive used one to try to escape the FBI after being caught operating a large Ponzi scheme!


    How Does a Water Scooter Work?

    Water scooters come in many sizes and styles. All electric underwater scooters, no matter what brand, come with the following parts:

    • Battery Source: Water scooters mostly use lithium-ion batteries to run the internal circuits and motor
    • Motor or Propeller: Move the sea scooter in a forward motion
    • Casing: Safeguards the internal circuitry

    A battery-powered motor with an attached propeller will take you through the water. Since things in the water are almost weightless, the thrust is enough to propel the swimmer ahead. The dpv will pull you through the water at speeds up to and over 5mph! 


    Different Types of Water Scooters

    Various underwater scooters are available, and they all have unique capabilities and features. According to their primary function, they are usually categorized as follows:

    1. Adventure

    2 people explore underwater with their dive scooters

    These scooters are supercharged versions of regular ones. Aqua scooters used for adventure are great for people who want to swim fast. Also called speed scooters, these watercraft are perfect for thrill seekers and people looking for a fast ride.

    Scuba divers in training can enjoy them since they allow them to swim at high rates, which helps them develop strength and endurance.

    2. Commercial

    Girl rides an underwater dive scooter

    Commercial divers should have scooters to handle challenging conditions and withstand high pressure when visiting shallow sites. The reliability of commercial-used underwater scooters at high speeds makes them ideal for low-visibility areas.

    3. Exploratory

    A diver uses a large underwater scooter to explore marine life and reefs.

    These diving scooters are perfect for going deeper without making much noise. Beginners to seasoned pros can use them with ease. Underwater scooters for exploration are the quietest and most durable that can survive extreme sea conditions. Scuba divers who prefer to travel while exploring will benefit from these.

    4. Military

    A man in a grey wetsuit uses this large and sleek water scooter to travel through the water.

    Special Forces like the US Navy use underwater scooters and Swimming Delivery Vehicles (SDVs) for deeper dives, combat missions, and special operations. These advanced scooters have features like an adjustable buoyancy system, a depth gauge, and powerful motors.

    5. Recreational

    A diver uses a Seabob to dive down and explore the underwater world.

    Many people can use electric underwater scooters because they are made for fun. and they don't weigh much and are easy to use. They're great for exploring deep and shallow water. People who want a tool that can be used for scuba diving, swimming, and exploring should consider getting one.


    How to Choose the Best Water Scooter

    Consider the type and total cost of ownership before buying your underwater scooter. The different underwater scooter models on the market can make choosing one tough, so here's a detailed list of everything you should know.

    Battery Life

    Ensure the scooter's battery is good quality and has a reasonable run time if you wish to stay submerged longer. If you want to go faster on an underwater scooter, the battery life will drop. How long it can run on a single charge is shown in watt-hours (Wh) and its range is directly proportional to its Wh.

    Typically, the battery life of most recreational scooters on the market is around 30–40 minutes. On the other hand, industrial and research scooters have a range of 2–3 hours of usage before requiring a recharge.

    Build Quality

    Due to their aquatic origins, underwater scooters occasionally experience very high water pressure. So, when you buy a scooter, ensure it’s constructed from strong materials that can endure drops and be utilized at an acceptable depth in water. Among the materials used are technopolymers and aluminum alloys.

    • Technopolymers: These are a large group of polymers that can be used instead of metals because they have unique physical and functional properties. Polycarbonates are among the most amazing technopolymers because they are strong and don't break easily under stress. This material is also easy to work with, significantly when shaping, and doesn't easily break under mechanical stress or weather conditions.

    • Aluminum Alloy: This material has all the good qualities of metals but is lighter, so it can be used in many high-performance situations. The aluminum alloys that are adequately covered with a military-grade anodizing coating are very corrosion-resistant. Since aluminum is not magnetic, it can be used in places with electronics and electromagnetic waves.


    As a diver, how you float affects how you move, how long you stay at the bottom, and, most importantly, how safe you are. Most scooters are made to be neutrally buoyant, which means they won't float or sink and will float where you put them. On the other hand, some can be negatively buoyant for free diving in deep water or favorable for snorkeling, so they remain at the top when you dive down.

    You can change the buoyancy of some more modern scooters to suit your diving needs. This feature can help you find your way through wrecks or caves.

    Features and Accessories

    An underwater scooter's value increases in proportion to the number of functions it provides. You must watch for features like one-handed operation and camera mounting capabilities. Also, consider whether the scooter you want has extras like a cover, a repair and cleaning kit, or a bag to store it in.

    Maintenance and Repair

    Due to their intended use underwater, an aqua scooter is bound to sustain damage over time, particularly with frequent use. Ensuring the repair or service facility is accessible and has polite, helpful staff will help you get your scooter back soon. 

    The scooter's ease of maintenance should also be a priority. You can save money by choosing a scooter that requires little maintenance.


    Before getting the scooter, you should ensure it's simple to handle and can do what you need. Being able to try out a few scooters before buying one is a good idea because they are all different in how easy they are to control. In the same way, the scooter needs to be light and float so you don't get tired trying to steer or move it underwater.

    Motor Output

    The scooter's motor power is critical in how fast you can go underwater. Also, it would be best to think about how well and fast the water scooter works, directly related to its power source's wattage (W).


    Find out how heavy the scooter is and if it's small enough to carry. You can easily take some recreational underwater bikes with you on trips because they are small enough to fit in your luggage. Different types may also have foldable or detachable designs to give you more convenient options when storing them in small spaces.

    Safety Features

    The primary consideration while shopping for an aqua scooter should be its level of safety. You should check that your scooter has the following features:

    • Safety or kill switch: Stop the propulsion system in an emergency or when you must halt the scooter’s movement to avoid electrocution.
    • Enclosed propellers: Minimize the risk of injury to the user or damage to the scooter’s components, especially in crowded or confined underwater environments.

    Type and Cost

    Underwater scooters come in a variety of styles. Ultimately, your demands and money will dictate your best scooter model. However, the underwater scooter's price will vary according to your chosen model or brand, size, motor power, and battery capacity.

    For instance, Adventure and Recreational water scooters may cost around $500, while the Commercial and Exploratory has an average price of $2,000.

    As you can see, it might be pricey to buy a water scooter, but the fun and thrill it will give you make it worth it.


    When buying a new water scooter, you should consider the guarantee. Before you purchase insurance, read it carefully to understand what it covers, what you need to do to use it, and how to keep it in good shape. Some of these coverages include:

    • Warranty period
    • Free maintenance
    • Replacement costs

    Buying the scooter with an extended warranty can be good if the manufacturer provides one. A complete warranty costs more but protects you financially if your scooter breaks down.


    Benefits of Using Water Scooters

    An electric underwater scooter may improve safety, speed, maneuverability, fatigue, and exploration. The following is an in-depth analysis of each of these advantages.

    Easy Operation

    Underwater scooters are user-friendly. You won't need much water expertise to use them, but it can take a while to master them. These advantages you can experience when using water scooters that guarantee easy operation:

    • You can use them even with only basic swimming skills
    • They feature multiple functioning modes to accommodate different riders and situations. For instance, you can make your scooter easier by slowing down in strong currents

    Enhanced Speed

    Underwater sea scooters, namely recreational models, can reach speeds of up to four miles per hour, though this does depend on the type you choose. While this may not sound too much, swimming can feel faster. 

    Because of their excellent mobility, these scooters are easy to operate, even in strong currents. You can manage the scooter by adjusting the speed, allowing you to navigate the water more easily. 

    Increased Safety

    When you swim, you risk a lot of bad things happening. At some point, you might encounter dangerous situations such as strong currents or dangerous sea life. This will give you a quicker escape in either situation.

    An underwater scooter is a speedier alternative to swimming that can help you with specific scenarios:

    • Get you to the surface quickly if you are low on air or have health issues.
    • Summon help from a distance in an emergency
    • Escape from harmful sea life
    • It enables you to stay alert underwater and makes you less tired

    Less Fatigue

    Most people tire too quickly while swimming because it takes a lot of energy. Each time you paddle faster, you use more energy. On the other hand, you will stay energized on an underwater scooter, no matter how fast you go. The propellers are driven by batteries, which make it easy to move around.

    More Exploration

    An underwater scooter will help you explore the sea in a new way. If there are no hurdles, you can go where you want and find more. Some of the best experiences are:

    • Go to places that are either too deep or too small for most boats
    • You can get to places that most people cannot access
    • A scooter that goes faster in the water can get more done in less time
    • Scuba divers in a group can use an underwater scooter to keep up, regardless of speed


    How to Maintain an Underwater Scooter

    The most incredible underwater scooter will last for years with regular maintenance. Here is a rundown of things to remember.

    Check the Battery Regularly

    Preventing unwanted disasters requires regular battery maintenance. You can follow these practices to guarantee your underwater scooter’s battery condition:

    1. Keep your batteries away from any moisture, heat, or sunshine source.
    2. Charge your scooter's battery after each use instead of waiting to charge it for your next journey.
    3. Always check that every connection is secure and intact.

    Clean the Propeller

    One of the most essential parts of a dive scooter is the propeller. To keep your scooter in good shape, you should clean it often. You can get rid of any dirt and grime that has built up on the propeller with a soft brush and light soap. After a gentle scrub, the mess will be gone.

    Examine the Seals

    You should check the electric underwater scooter's seals for possible leakage. To prevent water damage to your scooter, replace any leaking parts immediately.

    Inspect the Motor

    The motor needs extra care because it’s the most essential part of an electric underwater scooter. Service needs to be done on it regularly to make sure it works properly. Every so often, you should check your underwater motor scooter for damage or normal wear and tear. But you must fix the broken parts before returning to the sea to ensure safety.

    Proper Storage

    After riding your underwater scooter, put it somewhere dry, cool, and out of the sun. This spot will keep your scooter safe from any harm that the outside world could do. Following these tips, your underwater scooter will last long and never disappoint you.


    Go on Underwater Adventures with Water Scooters!

    Exploring underwater on a sea scooter is an excellent way to appreciate its unmatched beauty. Whether you choose the adventure or exploratory scooter, you're in for an unforgettable experience. This article taught you about the history, types, and benefits of water scooters to help you shop. 

    So, are you ready for a fun-filled underwater adventure? Check out the best sea scooters and easily explore the sea's beauty.

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