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  • The Sea Scooter: What It Is and Why You Need One

    Image for our blog: Sea Scooters for Sale, Why are they, and Why do I need one. A young man is under water with a sea scooter for sale and enjoying a snorkeling adventure with a Yamaha Seawing 2 Sea Scooter for Sale.

    What Is a Sea Scooter, and Why Do You Need One?


    Have you heard the term "Sea Scooter" or "Underwater Scooter" before, but didn't quite know what it meant? Fear not; we're here to teach you all about them!

    You're an adventurer. The ocean is your second home and you take every chance to explore all its beauty. If it weren't for exhaustion, you'd spend all-day catching waves or chasing sea life deep below the surface.

    If only there was a way to maximize your water adventures without tiring out...

    ... I present to you, the sea scooter.

    From weekend warriors to advanced level divers, a sea scooter is a perfect way to get the most out of your time in the water. Go further and deeper with the help of this ocean-friendly technology and enjoy every moment of your time in the sea. 

    Want to know how this tool can advance your scuba diving expeditions, enhance your snorkeling adventures, or help you get out to waves on your board quicker? Follow along to learn all about these sea scooters; your new ocean and lake exploring partner.


    What Is a Sea Scooter?

    A sea scooter or diver propulsion vehicle (DPV) is a small handheld device that helps users navigate the water while conserving energy. 

    Much like a land scooter, these devices are battery-powered and help you get around quicker. Of course, this water-friendly device doesn't have wheels like a land vehicle. Instead, it uses propellers to thrust swimmers through the water. 

    Underwater scooters can travel from 2-4.5 miles per hour so users are able to cover more area and see more beautiful sights in a single session. This assistance takes the pressure off of battling currents and getting past waves. 

    With the extra help, sea explorers are able to conserve more energy so that they can see more of the  amazing coral reef  in a shorter period of time, and without risking their safety. 


    How Does It Work?

    To use this helpful device, users simply hold onto the handles and activate the propellers with the touch of a button or buttons. They remain powerful until impressive depths so you can get closer to the seafloor than ever before. 

    High-end devices even have multiple gears that enable divers to control their speed. This makes it so they can alternate between covering distance and discovering the sea at an easier pace. 

    As every diver has a limited amount of air supply, using a propeller can actually save on oxygen  because the diver isn't breathing nearly as heavy. This is another way that sea scooters enhance your dives and allow you to stay underwater for longer. 


    Who Are Sea Scooters Designed For?

    Divers of all experience levels will find underwater scooters helpful when exploring the deep blue. They provide an amazing distance advantage and delay having to resurface so you can dive to your heart's content. 

    Surfers love this tool for getting past shallow waves and out where the action happens. Saving up energy on the trip out is a great way to ensure you've got the power left to catch the perfect wave with ease. 

    While these scooters are incredibly helpful for sports like diving and surfing, they are also just plain fun to use! Even if you aren't an advanced level sea diver or world-class surfer, you can use this toy for all your water adventures.

    If you look around you will noticed underwater scooters such as the Yamaha Sea Scooter showing up at lakes and oceans around the world. As the technology has gotten better users have gotten more enjoyment out of them. Now there are high quality underwater scooters in several price ranges for and for any skill level.


    What to Look For When Buying a Sea Scooter

    Depending on your level of experience with sea activities there are a few elements you will want to consider when choosing your sea scooter. Here are 3 features to keep in mind.

    1. Battery Life

    Sea scooters are rechargeable and can be used for years, however, short battery life may leave you wishing you had picked another model. 

    Depending on your experience level in underwater exploration, you'll want to choose a scooter that will last through your entire adventure. Beginner divers will likely find a battery that lasts 40 minutes to be sufficient.

    If you are an advanced diver, this limited-time may cause you to throw in the towel before you are ready to call it a day. We would recommend purchasing a model that is suited for 60-90 minutes to ensure you won't be cut off before the best part of your dive or snorkeling adventure.

    2. Speed

    Your desired speed will depend entirely on how you intend to use your underwater scooter. 

    With models reaching 4.5 miles per hour, you can zoom through the seas to see areas you have never seen before, or cruise along for a less taxing dip. 

    Advanced Sea Scooters, such as the  Nautica NavTech 1 Sea Scooter, feature a 3-speed system that will allow you to do both. The top speed maxes out at 4.3 mph and the battery will last around 90 minutes in the water. For those deep dives, you can travel as far as 135 feet under water. Many sea scooters even offer the option to mount a GoPro camera to record your journey. 

    For beginner divers, snorkelers, and fun seekers, a slower speed is suggested to ensure a safe and comfortable experience. There are several brands and models to choose from that are for beginner, novice, and advanced skill levels.

    3. Depth

    If you are looking to dive deep into the unknown, you'll want to pay special attention to the depth rating for each scooter on the market. 

    Advanced divers will find themselves disappointed with short to mid-range depths of less advanced sea scooters and are better off choosing a device that will take them to their desired depth. This will leave room for improvement and ensure the best possible diving and adventure experiences. 

    Beginners on the other hand won't require such a deep range and can often choose a more reasonably priced option for their first scooter. 

    The Nautica Skipper and Nautica Navigator Sea Scooters are great beginner sea scooters and keeps new divers at a comfortable 1.5 and 2.5 miles per hour respectively. These models still can got to 15 and 30 feet of water, so there is plenty of room for growth and improvement.


    Editors Update Nov. 2021: Yamaha has launched a fantastic new sea scooter that is great for all users. The Yamaha Jet Pod Pro is compact, lightweight, and is the fastest sea scooter to date. This might be our new favorite sea scooter!

    Editors Update April. 2023: Nautica Marine has taken over Yamaha Sea Scooters and they have released new underwater scooters for 2023. Take a look at the full lineup of Nautica Sea Scooters by clicking here.

    Editors Update May. 2023: We also now recommend that you take a look at the ScubaJet Underwater Scooter. This is a tremendous option with multiple uses.


    Adventure Awaits

    There's no question, sea scooters are the ultimate tool for divers, surfers, and every water loving adventure seeker on the sea. With an easy to operate design and an array of advanced features, you'll love hitting the water with your new under water scooter. 

    Ready to push the limits and start exploring in a whole new way?  Shop our selection of highly-rated sea scooters today and get on your way to a water experience like never before. 

    If you need more questions answered, we would be happy to help. Please contact us here.


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    What is a Sea Scooter and Why Do I Need One Infographic | Yamaha Sea Scooters for Sale Buyers Guide Infographic

    What is a Sea Scooter and Why Do I Need One? Infographic

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