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  • What to Look For When Buying A Sea Scooter

    by Ringo Ladue August 18, 2022 5 min read

    What to Look For When Buying A Sea Scooter. 3 images of people using different models of underwater sea scooters. On a beige and yellow background.

    What to Look For When Buying A Sea Scooter

    Recent statistics reveal that there are as many as 2.59 million people in the U.S. who take part in scuba diving. 1.88 million of those scuba divers are “casual” divers. Approximately 708,000 of those American scuba divers went over seven times to dive.

    No matter how many times per year you enjoy scuba diving, or if you would rather snorkel, a sea scooter is a lot of fun to bring along on your trip.

    If you are ready to buy an underwater sea scooter for your next underwater adventure, taking the time to choose the right one will make your experience that much more enjoyable.

    What should you look for? Well, keep reading. Here’s the scoop!

    Snorkel, Dive, or Enjoy the Waves

    It’s exciting, refreshing, and a whole new experience discovering the world around you underwater! You can uncover interesting sea animals and plant life that you would only see otherwise in a National Geographic magazine or by searching images on Google.

    If you love the water, a sea scooter is a worthwhile purchase. They can range in price from around $400 to around $2,000, and you will not regret the money you spent.

    Unless you choose the wrong sea scooter, however, and you find yourself back shopping for one you think is better.

    Here are the considerations to take when you buy them for the first time.

    Know What You Want

    Before you decide on which sea scooter to purchase, first consider what is most important to you. What do you want the sea scooter to do? How will you be interacting with it?

    Do you prefer exploring shallow fresh waters or are you looking for something more adventurous like the deep ocean? Perhaps you are excited about taking some amazing photos while you are underwater.

    Each type of sea scooter on the market is intended for a specific purpose or a specific type of use. You can find these details in the product description.

    You want to choose a sea scooter that will fit your needs based on how you intend to use it.  

    Not only that, but you want to know how to use it correctly. If you buy it and you are excited about using it, only to break it because you accidentally used it the wrong way, you will end up extremely disappointed with the purchase.

    Understand what you want before you buy it and read all the fine print.


    Think about traveling on planes and going to the beach with it. You probably want nothing heavy and oversized that you must lug around. This can feel like more of a burden than fun, and you will end up leaving it at home, eventually.

    There are many options for sea scooters that are lightweight and easy to transport. You just need to keep it in mind as you search.

    Length of the Battery

    No matter if you are interested in a Yamaha sea scooter, a Sea Doo sea scooter, or you are just in search of the fastest sea scooter, each one has its own battery life, or unique power consumption rate. Many sea scooters have panels that display when to recharge them.

    Keep in mind that while it is nice to have a long battery life, you could sacrifice some power for the longer battery. This means finding one with the right balance of both power and battery.

    Usually, a sea scooter can charge quickly, in a matter of two hours. This is the right time to relax, soak in the sun, and eat lunch before heading back out to the blue waters.


    While you love having some speed, what if you find something neat to take a picture of, and you need to slow down, or stop, quickly? You want the sea scooter to slow down easily so you don’t miss out on the cool stuff.

    When looking at a sea scooter’s versatility, it is about finding the right amount of control so you can have fun while you discover.

    Further, what kind of waters are you exploring? Fresh or saltwater? Some sea scooters can accommodate both, some do not, but whichever you prefer, it is something to consider. 

    The best thing to do is find a sea scooter with the right features. Don’t pay for things you do not need.

    Sea Scooter for Adults or Kids?

    There are different kinds, too, based on age. If you want something that is made for an adult, then you want to find a specific sea scooter for adults.

    If you have kids that want to explore the waters with an underwater sea scooter, there are ones on the market made for children. This should be clear in its description.

    Choosing Accessories

    Is this the best part of selecting the right sea scooter? Maybe so!

    What are you planning to do with it that is super fun? Take pictures underwater? You should select a mount for that.

    The pleasant part of using a mount is that it keeps the camera steady, versus the human hand, which may not be so steady. You might be shaky, distracted, or busy holding the sea scooter.

    Plus, with a camera mount, you can enjoy more of your adventure with less maintenance.

    Stands the Test of Time

    You can keep your sea scooter longer if you maintain the quality as you should maintain it. Again, read the fine print to understand the type of machine you have.

    It may be a challenging task to maintain your sea scooter if you do not choose correctly. If you follow the tips here, in this article, you are well on your way to many exciting adventures with your sea scooter!

    Love Your Sea Scooter

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