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  • 8 Best Things To Do At The Lake: Getting the Most Out of Your Day on the Water or Beach

    Kids play on a beach enjoying a beautiful day at the lake. The lakeside beach area has several kids playing near the blue lake water. There are 2 large boats docked nearby also.

    8 Best Things To Do At The Lake: Getting the Most Out of Your Day on the Water or Beach

    Get the most out of your day at the lake. Whether you are out on the water or on the beach, this list of 8 Best Things to do at The Lake is sure to help maximize your summer fun.

    Are you headed out for a sunny beach day or out to play on the lake? Worried about how you're going to fill up the whole day with fun activities? 

    There's so much to do on the lake whether you want to stay on dry land or spend some time on the water. Do you need a few ideas? 

    We've got you covered. Whether you're with a group of friends, your family and children, or with a significant other, we have something for everyone. We'll start with the basics and move to some unexpected activities!

    Keep reading for a few of our favorite things to do on the lake.

    Splashy McFun's 8 Best Things To Do at The Lake

    1. Go for a Swim

    One of the most popular activities to do at any lake is swimming! Make sure that your lake doesn't have any swimming advisories and, ideally, has a lifeguard on duty or adult supervision. Many lakes may not have lifeguards like you will see at an ocean-side beach. In this case it is even more important to make sure that there is proper adult supervision and that proper flotation devices are used.

    Lakes range in depth, but many of them start out shallow and deepen as you move away from the shore. If you're not a strong swimmer, there's no shame in using some inflatable swimming assisting tools such as life jackets, water wings, or other Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs). 

    Beginners should stay in shallow water and get comfortable there first. If it is one of your first times in the water you need to have somebody teach you how to swim. Many people will pick up swimming with no issues, others will need more practice.

    A refreshing dip in the lake is the perfect solution to the blazing sun on a hot day. Just be sure that proper precautions are taken and you are sure to have a memorable day!

    2. Sunbathe with a Favorite Book 

    Prefer the beach to the water? Maybe you're just looking for a relaxing day out while you watch over the other people who are playing in the water. No big deal, we have you covered.

    Invest in a good beach blanket and beach umbrella and kick back with a good book and some snacks. There's nothing better than feeling the warm sun on your skin on a nice day, and when it gets too hot, you can slip under the umbrella for some shade or take a quick dip in the lake.

    This is also a great activity to do on a lakeside dock or patio. Relaxing right by the water, whether at the beach or lakeside is a very enjoyable experience. A great way to recharge your batteries and get away from the ups and downs of everyday life.

    Make sure that you wear sunscreen, even if you're trying to get a tan! Don't let your beach day end in sunburn and skin damage. Keep you and your family safe and happy in the sun.

    3. Take Some Inflatable Watercraft Out

    How do you feel about floating around peacefully in the lake?

    With an inflatable watercraft, you don't need a fancy boat sitting in your dock year-round. Instead, take an inflatable option on your next beach trip. There are inflatable boats in a variety of sizes and there is one to meet your needs. From small inflatable boats up to ocean worthy inflatable boats with motors.

    Whether you're into a full inflatable boat for you and your entire group, or you want to try out an inflatable paddleboard, or an inflatable kayak, there's sure to be something for you.

    If this is all too much, start with an inflatable ring or inflatable floating water mat for you and a friend. Once you're comfortable, try something new!

    Everyone loves a day of leisure involving a lake. Whether you are floating or playing on the lake or enjoying a day lakeside, you are sure to have a great day.

    4. Try a Kayak or Canoe

    Not all lakes allow kayaks, so be sure to check the local rules and regulations before sending it out into the water.

    Once you're all clear, kayaking is a fun way to spend a day on the lake, and you can get a good workout too!

    Some kayaks fit into our previous category; they're inflatable. Traditional kayaks and inflatable kayaks each have their advantages, with the inflatable version surging in popularity.

    Two-person kayaks build teamwork and are fun for kids, friends, or partners; there are 3 person kayaks available also. These kayaks that are designed for more than 1 passenger are referred to as tandem kayaks.

    Make sure to wear a lifejacket, especially if you are new to kayaking. A little instruction from an expert or an experienced friend is advised before your maiden voyage. Otherwise, don't hesitate to get a kayak today for some serious fun on the water.

    5. Lakeside Beach Volleyball

    Beach volleyball is one of our favorite summer vacation lake sports. It's affordable, easy to set up, and can involve your whole group. 

    You're going to need a net (or, if you're crafty, a line in the sand with some sticks or bags will do in a pinch) and a volleyball. Easy, right? Many public beaches will have nets already set up.

    Get this fun team sport going and play until you've maxed out on fun and just can't take it anymore. Then take a water break, jump into the lake, and get in some more lakeside bump, setting, and spiking!

    6. Go Camping, Lakeside

    Why not turn your day trip into an overnight trip? If your lake or the surrounding area allows campers, this is a fun way to extend your lake visit. The fun doesn't end at sundown. 

    Get yourself a sturdy tent or two that can accomodate everyone in your group, start up a campfire, and roast marshmallows while looking up at the night sky. If an RV is more your speed, you will often find campsites with accommodations in areas near lakes.

    There are very few things better than waking up to a refreshing view of the water on a nice morning. We highly recommend a lakeside camping experience to add to your trip. Then you wake up, take a look at the water, and the fun begins again!

    7. Summer Fun With Water Trampolines 

    Have you ever been on a water trampoline? If you are on the lake, or even a pond if it is big enough, an inflatable water trampoline is fun for the whole family. If you are really serious about maximizing your summer fun on the water, this is one guaranteed to satisfy!

    Floating trampolines will give you a plethora of new options for fun. Jumping up and down on top of the water and then jumping into the water is an incredible experience for a kid or young adult. There are many games that you can play or you can invent your own! You just need to make sure everyone is wearing their water safety gear and it's time to bounce. 

    These floating trampolines are great for taking jumps into the water, relaxing on the water, and getting exercise in a unique and fun way. If you own a lakeside home this is one of our highest recommendations to enhance your summer!

    8. Go Fishing

    If fishing is allowed at your lake, why not take advantage of it? Even small children can learn to fish, and you don't have to keep your catches. Even just using the catch and release method can be calming and enjoyable.

    You can fish from the shore, but if you want some of the bigger and better fish you may be better off heading out on your watercraft so that you can try different locations and get to areas that aren't accessible by land. Bring a cooler if you plan on keeping your catches!

    Time to Get Out on the Lake and Have Some Fun

    Are you ready to maximize your next day on the lake or lakeside? Bring your favorite activities, a cooler full of snacks and beverages, and a good book along to make the most of your day of lake leisure.  

    If you want to pick up some fun watersports equipment before your lake day, we've got everything you need. From trampolines to inflatable boats, we've got you covered. 

    8 Best Things To Do at The Lake Infographic. This image shows all of the 8 best things listed in the blog with images of each activity.

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