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Power House Ice Eaters for Sale

A PowerHouse Ice Eater for Sale is one of the most reliable and customer-preferred dock deicers on the market. Get the best dock ice protection available with the proven PowerHouse Ice Eater.

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40 years ago, The Power House was awarded a US Patent for The Power House Ice Eater, and dock and boat owners worldwide have been praising it ever since.  The Power House Ice Eater not only prevents ice from forming in and around your docks, boats, marinas, and piers; it also is able to melt existing ice.  The venturi design of the PowerHouse Ice Eater allows it to direct warmer water from deep below the surface up to the top to both eliminate existing ice while also preventing new ice from forming.  No other dock deicer bubbler agitates as much fresh or saltwater as the PowerHouse Ice Eater and it also features an environmentally friendly dielectric lubricating fluid that is non-toxic and biodegradable.

There are 4 different models of the PowerHouse Ice Eater:  Ice Eater P1000, Ice Eater P750, Ice Eater P500, and Ice Eater P250. Each model of Ice Eater is available in either 115v or 230v and is also available with cord lengths of 25', 50', 100', 150', or 200'.  All of the PowerHouse Ice Eaters are incredibly productive and efficient.  The biggest of them all, The Power House Ice Eater P1000 can move water at the incredible rate of at least 1,150 gallons per minute while only drawing 4.1 amps at 230v or 8.2 amps at 115v. This allows it to open up a hole 80ft in diameter to protect your investments from treacherous ice damage.

We will help you find the right size Ice Eater to keep your mind at ease this winter.  Speaking of keeping your mind at ease, the PowerHouse Ice Eater includes a 3-Year Warranty, the Best Dock DeIcer Bubbler Warranty on the market!  Get your PowerHouse Ice Eater today and keep your boat, dock, marinas, and piers safe from costly damages and time-consuming repairs by owning the most productive and reliable dock deicer aerator on the market.

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