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  • 5 Water Toys and Accessories to Make a Splash

    by Ringo Ladue June 15, 2021 5 min read

    View from behind as a boy jumps into a lake. You can see a big hill filled with trees around the lake.

    5 Water Toys and Accessories to Make a Splash

    Having fun in and around the water is great exercise and improves mental wellness. Social events at the pool or lake bring everyone together, no matter whether you're doing laps, diving, or participating in outdoor family activities on land.

    Water toys and accessories are an excellent way to include kids and adults who aren't excellent swimmers. Floating toys and other accessories help keep all participants safe. For people who do swim well, toys and accessories enhance the water experience and make it more fun.

    Water toys go far past the pool noodles and unicorn floaties of the past. Take a look at this list of toys and accessories for maximizing your fun in the water.

    1. Boost Your Speed With a Sea Scooter

    Scuba diving and snorkeling are an incredible experience for experienced swimmers and lovers of aquatic environments.

    If you like to scuba or snorkel and have ever wished you could swim faster to see more underwater sights, you're in luck. Sea scooters are devices that propel you through the water. Some Yamaha Sea Scooters even have camera mounts so you can film with ease.

    Sea scooters are perfect for fresh- and saltwater alike. You could even use one in a large pool without issue. One thing is for sure, sea scooters will quickly enhance your fun in the water!

    2. Party Hard at an Inflatable Water Park

    Have you ever had the itch to go to the water park, only to find it's not open yet or is too far away? For kids who want to get out of the heat and play with friends, this minor inconvenience can break their little hearts.

    Rather than spending your summer afternoon tending to sobbing young ones, why not set up an inflatable water park in your yard? If that sounds like a massive effort and expense, think again! The cost is a bargain compared to water park tickets.

    If you go to a major water park with a group of two adults and three kids, you could pay $100 or more for each visit. Say you go six or eight times throughout the season. If you buy an inflatable water park instead, it'll have paid for itself within one summer.

    Kiddos are crazy about these blow up water parks, and you can add to the fun with ball pits and splash pools. Not only will kids love playing on their own water park, they will get great exercise! Playing with friends in the water will definetly enhance your summer fun!

    You don't need to pay for park tickets or invest in a mini-park with elements you don't want. Certain inflatable water parks focus on an inflatable water slide, instead of several features. Some models are compact while others rival the slides at actual water parks, but any kind is sure to impress and entertain your friends and family.

    3. Bounce and Cannonball From a Water Trampoline

    If you'd rather bring the water park fun to the lake than to your backyard, consider water bouncers and trampolines such as those made by Rave and Island Hopper. They float on the water and give you a great bounce.

    Water bouncers are quick to setup and give you a bounce, but they are not as bouncy as water trampolines due to the lack of a frame. The bounce pad on water bouncers is woven directly into the bouncer. This makes them easy to setup and transport while also being more affordable. 

    Both water trampolines and water bouncers work as platforms for many water activities, ranging from simple jumping and doing cannonballs to intricate games on the surfaces. Some water trampolines have slides that slope from the side of the structure into the water, too.

    When you're tired of bouncing around after a long day of play, you can use water trampolines as rafts for socializing and lounging in the sun.

    4. Use a Lillipad Diving Board for Safer Diving off of Boats

    The idea of bouncing and diving off of water trampolines may not interest serious swimmers. If you don't have kids and are looking to boat, swim, and dive more than you want to play, try out the Lillipad Diving Board.

    The Lillipad Boat Diving Board distances you from the side of the boat and lends some bounce to help launch you far from the boat and into the water. It mounts on the side of boats in such a way that avoids instability. The board distributes weight so the boat doesn't even rock when you jump.

    The Lillipad Diving Board is beloved within the boating and boating accessory industry. In 2015, Miami's International Boat Show recognized it with its Innovation Award.

    5. Tan and Relax on a Floating Water Mat

    Some folks want water slides or trampolines without other water park features. In the same sense, some wouldn't dream of bouncing on a water trampoline or bouncer—they want nothing more than to float on top of the water. If you're a chill lounging type, check out a water mat instead.

    They come in all sizes, from mats made for individuals to massive models that can house ten or more people. Most, like the Island Hopper Island Buddy, are flat and smooth, perfect for sitting on one in a beach chair. A few models have ridges on the mats for better traction, though you can't use chairs on them very well.

    Some water mats are shaped like intricate docks where you can tie down things like lightweight boats and inner tubes. You can jump and dive off of one, or use one as a base in a game of water tag. When you're done playing in the water, you can tan and relax on a floating water mat.

    Water mats also serve as safe havens for weaker swimmers and offer reprieve when faced with stomach pain, cramps, or fatigue. Getting stuck in open water with these issues can be dangerous. A sturdy water mat gives you something to hold onto and a place to get out of the water if you need to.

    Water Toys and Other Ways to Make a Splash This Summer

    These fun water toys and accessories will spice up your time in the pool, at the lake, or wherever you swim and get some sun.

    If you want to pick up these toys or other tools to help you make a splash this summer, you're on the right site. We have all kinds of water toys, boating supplies, and more products for watery fun. Take some time to browse and don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about our offerings.

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